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VEGAS 15 stability issues

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John Matchett
VEGAS 15 stability issues
on Sep 8, 2017 at 3:27:04 pm

Hi All,

A while since I've been on the forum but I'm a long-time user of Vegas Pro; It's still my favourite NLE. I skipped v14 as there was nothing in there I needed, but thought I'd give the team a bit of money for v15 to fly the flag a bit.

Firstly, whilst re-designed interfaces generally make me groan a bit, the v15 one really is very clean with some nice, customisable touches - so thanks to whoever put the work in on that - it’s appreciated.

Less marvellous has been my experience over the last couple of days trying to get the new v15 software to stay on its feet whilst editing a shockingly simple 4-track video for a paying customer (2: 1920x1080P video tracks + voice-over + music bed). I put on some control-point crops to align the video media on track 1 with underlying vector graphics (PNG sequence from AE). My system went down repeatedly - about 10 times. Eventually I took off the crops and used track motion points instead. This seemed to settle it down.

Then I added a few music tracks to get a feel for which one worked best with the on-screen graphics - and again it kept crashing for the next hour, just playing a few seconds of audio. To be clear, this is not the sort of multi-track madness that I normally do - often I composite 30+ tracks in Vegas and it's pretty well 100% stable.

I set about trying to get the job off my system. Having finally limped through the process of doing a 60 minute edit in 4 hours, then the render kept falling over (.wmv and .mpeg4, HD + audio – nothing esoteric).

My current – vaguely stable – settings involve the usual fix of turning GPU acceleration to OFF. This has become a bit of a joke as the developers always make a bit song and dance about how they are ‘leveraging the awesome power’ (Darth Vader voice) of the latest NVidia cards etc, then we end up switching the buggers off, as it never works. Both of my video workstations are excellent and highly commendable Chillblast editing systems, spec’d to the teeth with all the latest kit. One brand new, one a few years old but regularly upgraded. Loads of high-speed drives, stacks of RAM. I have updated my video drivers too before anyone suggests it - I’ve been doing that for the last 15 years and it’s never made a jot of difference in these situations.

So, apart from sharing my eperience (and fully accepting that I shouldn’t have tried to edit a live project on a new software build): two questions:

1: How is everyone else getting on with v15 – I guess I’m not alone in hitting some snags? Anyone have any intelligent suggestions apart from waiting for the next de-snagged build?

2: (Slightly off-piste...) Does anyone have any words of wisdom to share about choosing the number of threads to allocate? FYI: My latest beast is offering me 48 before it maxes out (I’ve randomly set 32 for no logical reason). In any case I would be happy if it just stayed on!

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