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Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?

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Bl Render
Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 7, 2017 at 1:33:35 pm

i have sony vegas movie studio hd platinum version 10.0 (build 179) and win7 pro 64-bit. (yes, i'm an amateur.)

i used to have my vegas on my XP machine for... many many years.
i installed it to a win7 xp virtual machine, but i also installed it to just win7 to see if it would work as-is. and it DID!

until recently. now it is pretty much unworkable.


* when i go to 'import media' the file browser won't populate with like the directory names or the file list.
* it won't scrub or preview or properly render a composite video file i made in hitfilm (and exported as mp4)
* it freezes, locks up, becomes "not responding," and/or just dies without warning. (not that it didn't ever lock up before, but i usually got work done and hit ctrl-s a lot!)

before this happened i installed two messaging applications:
* instantbird ( to replace my so-old-its-dead trillian, and to act as an irc client.
* lan messenger (

and any windows updates in that time period. :/

i haven't really changed anything -- not hardware wise, or driver-wise. maybe the display driver updated? (i have nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti.)

i thought maybe win7 finally couldn't hack it (or vice versa), so i went back to my virtual xp machine to run vegas from that. got it running, and it loads avi files... but it can't play them. (and yes, all the projects i've been working on are full of avi clips.)
there's no error importing an avi (and i tried switching the aviplug.dll; that didnt do anything), just when it opens a project, all the avi files in the media bin have no thumbnail, and the clips in the timeline are all 'media offline.' i right clicked and tried to 'recapture all offline media,' buuuut... it doesn't do anything.
if i import a new avi clip, it wont let me throw it from the bin onto the timeline at all. i just get a NOT symbol.

is there any hope for me? has anybody else had this happen and knows why or solved it or knows that vegas 10 is indeed dead? any insight at all would be a big help. thanks!!

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Aaron Star
Re: Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 7, 2017 at 4:55:29 pm

So if you are only doing movie studio, why not just upgrade to the latest version? Instead of trying to figure out why some old software will not work on what you have going. The latest version is available for trial, you can at least do some testing. I mean its 50 bucks, hardly worth the forums time to try and figure it out. Buy the latest version and let Magix figure it out for you.

When OS version numbers climb they normally do not stop supporting what the last version did. So there must be something wrong with you load of Window 7, or your copy of Vegas is hacked / corrupted. Vegas 10 is nothing special, as its all CPU based. There is no GPU hardware issue to resolve. You only need a CPU and Video card fast enough to throw video to the screen. See the minimum requirements, an apply all updates to windows 7 and the GPU.

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Steve Rhoden
Re: Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 11, 2017 at 12:33:18 am

Vegas 10 should not be giving you any worries to run it on what you have it on, So something is causing
some conflict somewhere. But my advice is to try to upgrade to a most recent version of Vegas.

Steve Rhoden (Cow Leader)
Film Maker & VFX Artist.
Owner of Filmex Creative Media.
Samples of my Work and Company can be seen here:

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László Kovács
Re: Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 13, 2017 at 6:49:04 pm

For me Vegas 10 still just works, if I start it. I can add media, playback timeline, render, etc., basically anything...
I'm on Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. Don't need a VM to run it, it launches natively.
However didn't need it since Vegas 14, but kept it installed just in case. ☺

Best regards

László Kovács

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Chris Jeremy
Re: Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 14, 2017 at 3:05:50 am

Still using Vegas Pro 10e here too on latest Windows 10. No probs.

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Bl Render
Re: Vegas 10 - Is It Finally Dead?
on May 21, 2017 at 2:44:53 pm

hey hey guys! i am happy to report, I FIXED MY VEGAS!

first and foremost, i was mistaken... it wasn't isntantbird and lanmessenger, it was instabird and stickypassword, and for SOME inexplicable reason, vegas 10 HATES stickypassword. i tested it by not loading stickypassword at all, and then by just exiting it... and i just have to turn it off before i run vegas.


i found some great help on yootoob. tips about changing the preview-threading in the options, to lower the memory/threads to ZERO while rendering. (not while previewing though). that gives the renderer more hardware to work with.

i also used the CFF explorer suite to set vegas 10 to use more than 2gig of memory, and that smoothed it out a lot.

thank goodness! :)

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