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Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14

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Ole Kristiansen
Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14
on Mar 22, 2017 at 10:25:31 am

My main monitor is a Dell 32 "UP3216Q 60Hz 3840x2160, scale to 150%

Layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14 is very ugly!

If I go to Help - About - Computer - Display - Primary only show 2560X1440X32 with 150% monitor scale

In Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Help - About Vegas Pro - Computer - Display - Primary show 3840X2160X32 With 150% monitor scale

Found this post: Sony Vegas Monitor Issue

Right click on the Vegas Pro icon, choose Properties, then choose the Compatibility tab, and check the box that says
"[x] Disable display scaling on high dpi settings".

Thanks to Mr. John Rofrano - I have now 3840X2160X32 in Magix vegas Pro 14 with 150% monitor scale !

I still hate the icon layout with no color !!!

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Robert Maier
Re: Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14
on Mar 24, 2017 at 1:13:26 pm

I agree with the no color comment. All the icons look the same now, and slowing me way down. Why spend time on that?

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David Shirey
Re: Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14
on Mar 24, 2017 at 4:47:55 pm

[Robert Maier] "I agree with the no color comment. All the icons look the same now, and slowing me way down. Why spend time on that?"

Did they really spend time on it, or did someone at Magix just accidentally drop the default Black & White filter onto the toolbar?

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Scott Francis
Re: Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14
on Mar 24, 2017 at 6:40:28 pm

The interface is just cheap looking, and I have had clients comment on it...

Xavier (Scott) Francis
Mind's Eye Audio/Video Productions

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Aaron Star
Re: Ugly layout in Magix Vegas Pro 14
on Mar 25, 2017 at 2:34:48 pm

UI is hard. Sounds like the Magix programmers need to take some UI classes, or at least their designer. Dropping color for certain key functions is not good idea. It's like not painting the working end of the nail gun red, just because it doesn't look cool.

Please do not screw up Vegas like the Nimwits over at Blackmagic. Those people for some reason think Resolve should take over the OS and not function like standard windows program. I mean what the heck is that? It has to be a just serious case of narcissism over at Blackmagic, AVID, and the others. Ego tends to step forward with idiots that think they have a winning solution. Some of these media apps are coming at UI design from attitude they are the only thing that will be done with the PC it's running on. What about edit notes in another application? Do not give "Windows Users" a Unix UI. If you want to go Linux UI, then just go 100% Linux, and do not make a Windows version.

There is a very thick book on Windows UI design. If you read it, you will understand just how many man hours of product testing has gone into the UI that exists with Windows. You can also watch Video, if you tune into the BUILD conferences when they make UI changes. Because a large portion of the Keynote will be about findings of product testing and why the UI is changing. Why go you own way when you have thousands to work with, and the other guy has spent tens of millions on testing his UI.

One of the best things Vegas had going for it was that is was written for windows following the standards, such that it functioned just like Word or Excel. You could have multiple windows open to different projects and flip, or cut and paste between them. You could render another project in the background at low process priority and keep editing. Try any of that in the competitions UI. Resolve has gone so far as to just avoid even placing the minimize buttons on the panes. I mean wtf? There is a clear windows standard for the File, Edit, View across the top, or Settings Drawers if you are into the Universal App Touch standards. Just like there are standards for all the things under the hood as well.

What would be nice is some way to get the 2nd or 3rd windows of vegas to share the GPU with the other applications. Right now the 2nd window of vegas is CPU only. The 1st Vegas window launched is the GPU enabled window. So rendering in the background means you have to close the edit window project and open it into the background render window.

Stepping down off the stump.

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