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Vegas 12 and Sound Editing (errors, crashes, codecs)

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Niko Gulam
Vegas 12 and Sound Editing (errors, crashes, codecs)
on Dec 27, 2016 at 2:20:23 am

Hello everyone.
I've been working with Vegas for 10 years now and i can't really recall has it ever worked flawlessly for me lol.
Im using Vegas for everything except composing music, and if the VST's are bit easier to make them work inside vegas would be even making music with it. It's much friendlier than Cubase for quick editing and layering a lot of samples, but then although it was made for sound editing, sometimes errors occur when dealing with "basic" sound processes.

Error example 1:
Yesterday, i was composing foley sound for my animation, means 20+ layers consisting of many samples that are different formats ( mp3, WAV, OGG, AIFF and FLAC) going at the same time, some of them having FX plugs ( just graph.EQ and pitch shift) added directly to the each event (not track FX) And that being reproduced using Focusrite Saffire 24.
In specific moments , when there is 20 sounds reproducing at the same time, it just couldn't swallow it all together, instead really loud noise and glitching sound happens, or sometimes half of layers would be reproduced, other half noise. It was obvious its having trouble to"render" plenty of sounds at the same time. After few attempts to render the moment without noise, it would just completely mute and then i need to restart program. Sometimes i get "Don't send" error..

Error example 2:
Same project , nothing demanding reproducing this time, let's say just editing 1 solo sample, and Vegas decides to stop working in a way that i just cant move time cursor or save project , or basically do anything except End Process...god bless autosave freq set to 1 min ☺
So crashes aren't just occurring at the processor demanding parts.

I was thinking if it's possible that piece of hardware like Saffire 24 is, made especially for this use (?), could be struggling with reproducing 20 sounds at the same time ? I've tried to increase buffer size in Focusrite drivers from 1024 to 2048, or lower it to 512 dunno, tried to change latency from quick to slower so it has more time, but still had the same problems.
However, only with Saffire 24 i've experienced the noise problem. Today i switched to Terratec cheap USB external and it crashed in like example2 situation, but did great job on complex parts that Saffire couldn't handle :hmm:

Based on that me thinks this isn't just the soundcard problem, right? Something tell's me that maybe Vegas is having trouble dealing with different audio formats having them in the same project reproducing at the same time.
So if you agree, real question is in which audio formats would vegas like us to convert our samples before arranging them ? It' Or maybe it's all good as long as there isn't many different formats together ?
I dont know what happens under the hood..lot's of decoding i guess, but are there any other solutions to this?
Anyone had experiences working with many layers like this and how many layers or samples is too many ?

AMD FX8320
16gb DDR3
Windows 7 64
2TB 7200rpm

Thank you.

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László Kovács
Re: Vegas 12 and Sound Editing (errors, crashes, codecs)
on Dec 27, 2016 at 9:41:20 am

This is the second post complaining about v12 audio problems after many years of working well. Is there a windows update, that conflicts with v12?

Best regards

László Kovács

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John Rofrano
Re: Vegas 12 and Sound Editing (errors, crashes, codecs)
on Jan 2, 2017 at 12:51:01 pm

Are you using the ASIO drivers for those sound cards? Vegas Pro was designed to give low latency using ASIO but you have to set the driver in Options | Preferences | Audio Device to the ASIO driver that came with your card (which you need to install).


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Aaron Star
Re: Vegas 12 and Sound Editing (errors, crashes, codecs)
on Jan 3, 2017 at 3:31:21 pm

" 20+ layers consisting of many samples that are different formats ( mp3, WAV, OGG, AIFF and FLAC) " -- I would start by converting all your samples to WAV(PCM/Uncompressed), at whatever smaple rate you are trying to use in your project, then see if your problem persists. In my experience with Vegas several layers of varied compressions is where the stability goes down.

I have also seen with an older version of Vegas where AC-3 audio from a camcorder that recorded .MTS caused all sorts of issues. Once I converted the footage to a format that used uncompressed audio, my problems went away.

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