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NewBlue titlers on VP14 - Update

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Edward Troxel
NewBlue titlers on VP14 - Update
on Dec 24, 2016 at 6:56:01 pm

We understand there have been many confusions since the release of Vegas Pro 14 concerning Titler Pro. Here I will explain how things work and how you can get various versions to work in Vegas Pro 14.

First, understand that all versions of Titler installed will replace whatever version was previously installed. This is done to make things easier on you. For example, if you have Titler Pro 3 and install Titler Pro 5, Titler Pro 5 will replace Titler Pro 3 and all Titler Pro 3 titles in your project will automatically become Titler Pro 5 titles.

One key for Vegas Pro 14 is to make sure you are on the newest version available. At this time, they are:

The bundles:
Vegas Pro Complete which has Titler Pro Express

Vegas Pro Suite Complete which has Titler Pro 3

Titler Pro 2

Titler Pro 2 AE

Titler Pro 3 (all three versions)

Titler Pro 4 (all three versions)

Titler Pro 5 (all three versions)

When installing or uninstalling our products, it is always vital that you first reboot. If Vegas has been started and closed, it is quite possible for it to remain in memory and keep some of our files locked preventing a proper installation. I would also recommend uninstalling any previous version you have installed before installing the newest build. You can also do a clean install:

1. Reboot
2. Uninstall any versions installed
3. in C:\Program Files\NewBlueFX, delete the Titler folder
4. in C:\Program Files\NewBlue, delete the Titler Pro 2.0 for Windows folder
5. in C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\NewBlue, delete TitlerPro.ofx.bundle
6. in C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\NewBlueFX, delete TitlerPro2.ofx.bundle
7. Now reinstall the appropriate version listed above

If, after reinstalling, you get an error using Titler pro, try going to C:\Program Files\NewBlueFX\Common and remove the OFXBridgeB64.dll file.

If Vegas is not seeing the proper version of Titler Pro, start Vegas Pro 14 while holding down the CTRL-SHIFT keys, and check the “Clear cache” box in the window that opens.

If you have a full version of Titler installed but can only see the QuickEdit screen (i.e. it believes you are on Titler Express), open the NewBlue Application Manager, click on the gear icon and choose the option to log out, and then log back in. This will force the activation to be reset. Logging out of the Application Manager will deactivate all products on that machine. Logging back in will reactivate them.

To get your Vegas preview screen to update while Titler Pro is open, in Vegas go to Options - Preferences and uncheck the “Close media files when not the active application” option.

Edward Troxel

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Rich Kutnick
Re: NewBlue titlers on VP14 - Update--Losing Titles in Titler 5
on Jan 18, 2017 at 1:09:31 am

I have been experiencing the loss of titles in New Blue Titler Pro 5 (Sony Vegas Pro 13, BTW), and reported it to New Blue. Caleb was assigned my case, but after going back and forth about this problem since 12/08/2016 and him being on top of it, I have not heard back from him since 12/29/2016. While you probably are privy to viewing my case on the New Blue Zendesk site, I want to bring it to the forefront here, as well, in case anyone else is experiencing this anomaly.

Please first note that this does not happen in .veg files where I only have a few titles. However, the .veg file in question has 43 titles (thus far), and all of the titles in question have been saved as .nbtitle files. To summarize, even though I have instructed NBTP 5 to enable the cache for each title, only cache the ROI, render cache at close and optimize for render speed, when I open the saved .veg file the next time a number of the titles are not there and the placeholder on my timeline points to the default "Enter Text". The other day I manually rendered each title separately, insuring that in the NBTP 5 Title List that on each title row there were no grayed out circles (not cached?) or white check mark in grayed out circle (cached but not rendered?) AND that every row's circle was a white check mark on a green background (cached and rendered?). So after this manual procedure as of the other day, ALL of my titles in the Title List appear to have been rendered. Today I opened up the .veg file, and out of these 43 files, 3 of them had grayed out circles (Unshared Template and "Enter Text" Variables), 13 of them had white check marks in grayed out circles (but with correct Template and Variables listed) and the rest of the 27 titles had white check marks on green backgrounds. You can read my Zendesk entries if you like, but the bottom line is that EVERY time I open this .veg file I must spend time looking at EACH title and place the correct saved .nbtitle file where the omissions occur. It appears to me, then, that NBTP 5 is not caching/rendering all of the time when it should and/or some pointers to the titles are getting lost...or perhaps it is beacause NBTP can't handle this number of titles in one .veg file (the last of which I can't believe, but...?)

Edward, you always have been of great help to me dating back to when I first purchased Excalibur (which, BTW, I STILL use daily), so I trust that maybe you can investigate and help bring closure to this problem. I need to know if I am doing something wrong, something is wrong with my install, or if in fact the problem lies with NBTP 5.

I thank you in advance, Edward, and hope that you will be able to shed some light on this soon!

Rich Kutnick

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