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STRANGE render problem. Vertical lines in movement after rendering - but a different glitch when rotated??

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Jared Leroy
STRANGE render problem. Vertical lines in movement after rendering - but a different glitch when rotated??
on Jun 27, 2016 at 5:35:58 am

Hey everyone,

I've spend ALL DAY today troubleshooting and troubleshooting this issue. Around 8 solid hours of restlessness and I'm totally out of ideas so I thought I would come to you guys for help.

I hadn't done any video editing on Vegas (13.0 btw) for around a month. When I got back on and made a couple of new videos this morning, everything went smoothly except for the rendering. I used the exact same render settings I always use with video files of these formats—Sony AVC/MVC Internet 1920x1080 with the framerate changed to 59.94 Double NTSC. They are Picture-in-Picture ("PiP") videos, and the background video always works smooth and well, but for some reason the footage layered on top has vertical lines appear—VERY similar to the horizontal lines from interlacing issues except vertical. And it is worst when there is a lot of movement, pointing toward some sort of sampling issue. The problem footage is 1080p 60i, so naturally Vegas would have to de-interlace and re-sample to bring it up to 59.94 fps; this is no issue for me. It always WORKED FINE for months and months, I've made over 15 videos in this format with no issues. But now for some reason it creates these terrible lines, EVEN on the very same projects which I'd rendered before perfectly with no faults... even though the project, source files, and render settings are the exact same as before... I'm completely at a loss here.

Eventually I remembered that all of the problem footage was rotated 90 degrees, so that would explain why the lines are vertical and not horizontal, right? Well nope, when I rotate it back to its original position, it has a different glitch for some reason. Instead of vertical lines during movement, there are no lines and it just stutters 30 times per second. (Forward one frame, back one frame, forward one frame, etc...) Seems like something is going horribly wrong in the de-interlacing somewhere.

Here's a picture of what it looks like at its worst:

I managed to make it better at least by changing Project > Video Rendering Quality from "Use Project Settings" to "Best." But yet the issue is still there and it's still noticeable. I just want things back to the way they used to be. *cries*

Also, just to make matters worse, the second video I made this morning in basically the same format renders perfectly, but I can't seem to pinpoint any differences from that project and all of my other ones. Additionally, it seems that placing the problem footage into it's own new project with no other files exports perfectly as well, rotated or not.

Here's a point form list of some of the things I tried to fix the issue. I've rendered 63 different tests since this morning so I won't list everything here, but I will try to include the important stuff:

-Tried changing the Field Order in the clip itself, the project properties, AND the render settings. I tried all Upper Fields, all Lower Fields, all None (Progressive Scan), and random mixes of all three, and it changed absolutely nothing.

-Tried disabling re-sample. No luck.

-Tried "Blend Fields", "Interpolate Fields", and "None" for the Deinterlace Method in the project properties.

-Tried changing the framerate from 59.94 to 29.97, as well as 60i. That should stop the need for re-sampling/de-interlacing right?? Nope, nothing changed.

-Tried checking off "Reduce Interlace Flicker" Once again, did nothing.

-Tried rendering as Sony XAVC S Long 1920x1080-59.94p. Tried XDCAM EX HQ 1920x1080-60i (changed to 59.94p). Tried Sony AVC/MVC AVCHD 1920x1080-60i, as well as that same template changed to 59.94p. Also tried MainConcept AVC/AAC Internet HD 1080 at both 29.97 and 59.94. Nothing changed anything.

-I even tried matching the project properties to the original problem footage file. I also tried it with the screencapture video file. Neither did anything for rendering.

-Some forums online suggested changing the video preview to Best > Full, but it did nothing.

-I pressed "Default All" to reset preferences, and when that didn't work I used CTRL + SHIFT to reset all default settings for Vegas on start-up. Fixed nothing. I'd really like to avoid a complete reinstall because I created a lot of custom presets for the FX and Media Generators that I use all the time and would really like to keep. But if I have to, I will bite the bullet, but only as a last-ditch effort.

Sorry for the long post. This issue has literally wasted half my weekend so I would really appreciate any help/suggestions you guys can offer. Thanks so much if you read any of this. :)

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Graham Bernard
Re: STRANGE render problem. Vertical lines in movement after rendering - but a different glitch when rotated??
on Jun 27, 2016 at 5:55:04 am

Wow, this is nasty.

What method/tool are you Previewing on?

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Jared Leroy
Re: STRANGE render problem. Vertical lines in movement after rendering - but a different glitch when rotated??
on Jun 27, 2016 at 2:16:10 pm

Indeed. :(

It says I'm using "FX Bypassed", is that what you were referring to?
I think that only takes effect when I use Split Screen View though.

If you meant Device, it's set to "Windows Graphics Card" by default.


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