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Sound problems, can't match previous sound before mic tipped over . . .

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Jeff Paye
Sound problems, can't match previous sound before mic tipped over . . .
on Sep 21, 2015 at 11:43:44 pm

Sorry this is so long but hard to explain in writing.

I'm struggling w sound issues.

I have made sure that my audiotechnica at2020 usb is selected under, OPTIONS, PREFERENCES, AUDIO DEVICES.

Everything was going fine w my voice over, till one day the microphone on the at2020usb tipped over. It did not hit hard, but the stand is tiny and it simply tipped over when I inadvertently hit it.

Right away, when I tested recording on it, the sound was distorted and the voice waves were much wider and larger than before.

And again, the sound was distorted.

I thought I had broken it so I sent it back to Audio Technica to be repaired but they sent it back to me, and said they tested it, and it was fine.

However, soon as I tried recording on it again, I had the same problem w distortion and voice waves much wider than before.

I have been messing around w tweaking the diff sound settings.

(However, I definitely never touched them when the microphone first tipped over so it's not like the problem was I changed any settings).

Since Audio Technica sent the mic back, I have been trying to tweak the sound adjustments but it still does not sound quite right. I was able to turn some of the sound settings lower and the distortion is gone but now the sound is much lower, and I can't get it to match the previous sound I recorded as it's lower but if I turn the sliders up then I get the sound distortion again? Yes, I know I can turn the sound slider up, but none=the-less, I still can't get it to sound right, even when turning the slider up.

Here is what I have going on

Audio track lower left where red dot is to arm the sound slider directly beneath that is set to 2.8 db.

pan is set to center

Am I correct to assume that changing the sound level using the adjustments in my computer (control panel, sound, recording, at2020usb, properties 83) that it's the same as using the slider under the red dot in lower left of Movie Studio?

Regardless, it is set at 83

Sound playback is set to my Realtek internal speakers built into my computer and that is set to 82 (sound, playback, properties, level = 82)

I do not understand Master Bus though I read the instructions on it several times. I see the sliders but when I change them it does not seem to change the sound levels.

Anyways under Master Buss, of course, there are two sliders.

One says Preview, I have that set to the 12-15 range about 80% up
Master slider (to the right of the Preview slider) is set to 33-36 (about 40% up)

I have two red squares at the top of the Master slider showing 2.5 and 2.3 respectively.

I guess that means I have the sound up too high but when I set the sound controls inside my computer or using the slider under the red dot, then the playback is just too low?

Not sure if anyone can figure this out.

Maybe the mic really is damaged, but Audio Tech checked it out and said it was not broken.

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