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Capture pictures from a book into computer (Microsoft Office Picture Manager Windows)

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Jeff Paye
Capture pictures from a book into computer (Microsoft Office Picture Manager Windows)
on Sep 13, 2015 at 1:41:27 am

Wow, if I didn't see on my computer that all the pictures from an online book were now in my computer, I would say this did not happen and could not happen but all of the pictures from an online book did somehow get captured into my computer.

I am baffled as to how this happened?

Now, I collect pictures from books that are online and that are in the public domain, into my computer but normally just one at a time.

I.e. just right click and save.

Now, I just saw that a book I was doing this w previously, somehow, unbeknown to me, ALL of the pictures - every single one - are on my computer????

I have searched help for Microsoft Office Picture Manager for windows but can't find anything.

Then, I was thinking somehow maybe it happened when I was in Sony Movie Studio 13 platinum but can't find anything in there either.

I know if you click on the globe you are suppose to be able to capture things from the internet but I can't figure out how to do that so I prob did not capture all the pictures from the book that way.

I would almost think I did not capture all of the pics from the book, that it could not possibly be done, but they are all in my computer?

Does anyone know how this happens?

It would be useful to be able to do this w other books.

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John Rofrano
Re: Capture pictures from a book into computer (Microsoft Office Picture Manager Windows)
on Sep 13, 2015 at 3:06:38 pm

Where on your computer are they? Everything you see on the Internet gets saved, even if temporarily, in your browser cache which lives on your hard drive so every image you ever looked at on the Internet was on your computer at one time or another. That's why I asked where did they get saved to? That might give a clue as to what program may have saved them.


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Jeff David
Re: Capture pictures from a book into computer (Microsoft Office Picture Manager Windows)
on Sep 14, 2015 at 9:06:47 pm

I have a hunch what is going on based on what you said about the browser
All of the pictures from one of the books got saved to my c drive/Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
Now, I use Hathitrust and mostly to look up old historical books. I was at those websites trying to figure out how you can save all the pictures from a book and could not figure it out.
However, when checking where the pictures were saved to, I see that I got them off of Project Gutenberg so I will be checking out Gutenberg to see if it has the ability to save all the pictures out of a book - it must have that feature as all of the pictures from one book did absolutely get saved.
I will be checking that out soon as I get time.
I found it hard to believe that happened but I just checked again and I positively see that every picture from one of the books positively got saved in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, so I am sure I am not mistaken (now(.
As you prob know, w Picture Manager you set Picture Manager to scan for all pictures on a drive. Now I didn't even know that was how it worked.
I surmise I was in Project Gutenberg saving one picture at a time, i.e. saving each picture individually.
So apparently, I started the Picture Manger feature to scan my C drive.

I was not able to get the scan to work when in HathiTrust or perhaps because I since installed Viper Rescue Scanner and I notice when I try to do a scan of the drive, it cuts out when it, "hits" the Viper Rescue.

SO I will uninstall Viper Rescue and attempt to scan a book that way.

Perhaps there is something special about Project Gutenberg that allows the scan or maybe the Viper is why it has not worked on the other sites.

I'll update once I run the further tests.
Lenovo quad core i7 16gb of ram, Windows 8.1 MS 13 64 bit

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Jeff Paye
Re: Capture pictures from a book into computer (Microsoft Office Picture Manager Windows)
on Sep 21, 2015 at 11:22:36 pm

Yes, the book that all of the pictures were captured from, definitely somehow got saved to my drive.

I didn't even realize I had saved it to my drive but I see it is in there. So that's what happened. Inadvertently I saved it and then when I ran the search for pictures on my drives, of course, Microsoft Picture scraped all of the pictures out of it.

Like I was saying, there obviously is a method to save an online book appearing in Project Gutenberg, to a drive so I'll have to figure out how I did it.

In Hathitrust, I was able to save a book in pdf form to my drive, but the Window Picture Manager did not scrape the pictures out. Prob due to it being in PDF format.

I'll have to monkey around and see if there is someway to save the book in non-pdf format.

Thanks for your help John! haha - I'm getting a little better each day.

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