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Change project properties to selected frame

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Heikki Hentula
Change project properties to selected frame
on Mar 4, 2015 at 6:51:57 pm

Hello all!

At first sorry my writings, im not the best of the best on english, i hope you understand what i try to ask.

I use Sony movie studio platinum 13. I have done video project where is lot's of photos and music. I have done project 1280x720 resolution. It works great for horizontal photos. But when i use vertical photos they are quite small, and there is plenty of that black bar each side. I have resize bigger side of all images 1280 pixel (horizontal and vertical).

I think the problem is that my project side is 1280x720, so vertical photos cant be bigger than 720 though i want they is 1280 in bigger side.

I found project properties and there video, there i can change width and height to my project it changes my whole project properties. So if i change height to 1280 and width 720 works vertical excellent, but horizontal pictures not.

So i must select only those frames where i use vertical photos and change width&length, but i cant do that. Is there someway select different frames and change only their properties? Or is there some other way do the trick?


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Phil Peacock
Re: Change project properties to selected frame
on Mar 5, 2015 at 12:33:41 pm

Hi Heikki

Presumably you have a reason to create your project as 1280x720. Along with 1920x1080, these are your two most favoured wide screen resolutions for display on a wide-screen tv or computer monitor. These are both 16:9 aspects.

As you have discovered, and I am sure you can understand, this aspect is fine for video footage and photographs shot as 16:9 but not images shot at 4:3.

Most still cameras will allow you to change their shooting properties between 4:3 and 16:9, and your choice will depend upon how you are going to 'show' your images; usually, but not restricted to, either prints or on a wide screen.

Now, some of your images are in portrait and not in landscape mode, that is they are vertical and not horizontal. Obviously they will not fill your wide screen unless part of the image is cropped away unfortunately. If you MUST see the whole image in portrait mode, then you will always get the black bars at the side and there is nothing you can do about it. However, if you select a portrait image on your timeline, enter pan/crop mode and then RIGHT click the image in the resulting window, you can then select 'Match output aspect'. This will fill your 1280x720 screen but will necessarily crop pat of the image. You can move the image around on your pan/crop window to a limited degree.

If you are familiar with keyframes you could us them to move around the image, or zoom in/out of the image, whilst the image is being displayed in your movie.

Hope this helps.

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Mike Kujbida
Re: Change project properties to selected frame
on Mar 5, 2015 at 9:00:08 pm

Heikki, here are 3 examples (using the same image each time) of what I do in this situation.
#1. Add the same image on a lower track.
#2. Add the medium (or whatever strength you want to use) Gaussian blur FX to the lower track.
#3. Open Pan/Crop on the lower track, right click and choose Match Output Aspect. This will make the blurred image fill the frame.
#4. Using Pan/Crop, adjust the position of the blurred image to your satisfaction.
#5. This is optional but I often add a Border FX (I made it smaller in these examples) to the top track to make the image stand out from the lower track.

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