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Need animator to do simple animatic teaser for "Human Torch"

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Nicki Noermark
Need animator to do simple animatic teaser for "Human Torch"
on May 8, 2011 at 1:10:14 am

I'll start off with saying, I can't really pay much if anything.
Right now it would be like 100 or 200$
Maybe we can discuss that. Just know that you have creative freedom and you can use it any way you want if you help me.

I'm currently a writing student at Vancouver Film School.
And I plan to write and pitch a script for Lions Gate with a Human Torch idea. It's for their animated productions.
They do straight to DVD animated movies like Iron Man, Hulk etc. and I would like to write a Human Torch for them.

But I would like a small cherry on to top with the script.
A small animated teaser to sell the idea or at least get them interested. And who knows, they might get interested in the animator as well.

Instead of you having to contact me and find out you hate my idea, I'll share it here and hopefully you will like it.

It's a small music piece. It would be roughly 30-45secs.
Listen to this song and imagine they are singing "FLAME ON"
It's music from so it can be bought and used freely if needed.​Uploads/​XCD100_08%20Bible%20Clash.mp3

Basically you just see Johnny Storm crashing through the roof of a church and you don't know why.
And you don't really know it's Johnny Storm. He is submerged in rubble.
The music starts.
A hand punches through the rubble and briefly sparks on fire (following the song).
He is weak and beaten as he gets up from the rubble starts going for the exit of the church.
He tries to re-ignite his flame on his way out (following the song).
When he is outside he is on fire and ready again. And flies away - Fade to black.

This can be very detailed or as sketchy as you want, I just need the general idea to come across.
All I want is writing credits.
This is something I plan to do more of, so I would like to find a good partner incase more work should come up.
I am working on two original comic books that I might have buyers for (publishers).
They will need animators as well for marketing reasons, so maybe we can work together again there if all goes well.

I used to work for Discovery Channel in Denmark, so I'm not new to the business.
And I actually quit to pursue more creative writing.

Want to know more about me look here​user6363480​Experience.html

Contact me​Contact.html

Take care

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ugo amadi
Re: Need animator to do simple animatic teaser for "Human Torch"
on Jun 6, 2011 at 10:21:58 pm

Hi Nicki,

I'm an Animation/Visual effects students at I'm just curious and also want to offer you some advice on you job post here.

If you haven't found the right animator to do this job for you then to make it easier for you on finding the right person,

I wish to advice you that your idea would be better understood for potential animator/s if you make some color sketch

drawings/painting because I believe these sketches will better provide the animator with step by step guides of what you envision in your idea.

Using written words like you've used here can be very vague to an animator, but sketches just makes an animator's job very easy.

I believe I'd be interested in this job if you do some sketches to express your ideas more clearly.

Sounds like a really interesting idea too.


Ugo Amadi.

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