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particle illusions false copyright claims on wondertouch's emitters(not by wondertouch)

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laura newell
particle illusions false copyright claims on wondertouch's emitters(not by wondertouch)
on Nov 27, 2012 at 11:30:54 pm

hello not sure exactly how2 explain,but ill try,basically heres wat happened,in particle illusions theres a blood cut a couple actully,i believe one i used was blood cut 01,anyway,i made a video,uploaded 2 ytube,everything on that ends fine,but i also made a overlay from my edited version of this emitter,basically blood on black background,& uploaded to one of my file upload sites,so other vidders can use my overlay,the thing is i then had this file removed,claiming that cbs/sony owned this which they dont,if anyone owns it,it would be particle illusions,i did counterclaim,and its been over the time in which files supposed to be returned,if no lawsuits been made,which one hasnt,and files still not returned,i just thought id notify you guys,for your imformation heres the link to file in question

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tony hampton
Re: particle illusions false copyright claims on wondertouch's emitters(not by wondertouch)
on Nov 30, 2012 at 9:48:34 pm

it could be a number of things for the reporting of your clip and or file
the reporting on you tube manually are young film makers that love to pull your effect videos
if you have something better then there's most of the time ...... other things are links on you tube that don't
like on there site and as for media fire , they could pull your account for linking if the file ..... and you tube got sued
a few weeks so they are closing many accounts over

links being posted on a users account and or even your likes lets say you watch a movie
and save it to watch later they go into your account and black out that video thumb nail link of the other users page
gets closed

now SONY and wbm music
many have got out of hand with you tube and fool around with there clips making fan videos
and within the clips there is a copyright info that is in the track of the clip showing where that track come from
and can have that pulled at any time ,

they have a bot that looks for key words in a video clip and or music track and pulls it auto

now Sony lets say you did buy a CD that has music or there sound effects and you add that to the video of
yours .........i will still read that info bended within the video stating it is there's ...they still have the right to pull the video or track

now as for you tube everything you upload to them becomes there's
and we don't own the rights to that video any more .....and not only that they have become a pay per click
site meaning others can use your video clips in with ever they want and use it in there own fan videos

last thing that many dont know and that is you tube and many other sites sell your videos to other sites
with out your ok effect test clips showed up on another site that friends of mine where telling me

and that i have never reg at .... wow
and not only that but they changed the name of the video of mine and someone else
had it in there work........yea i stopped posting my best work on you tube

you tube is not the same any more

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laura newell
Re: particle illusions false copyright claims on wondertouch's emitters(not by wondertouch)
on Nov 30, 2012 at 10:40:46 pm

youtube didnt pull my video at all,it was the link in mediafire that was taken down,and it was cbs/sony company that pulled it,they have a uto detect that detects certain words and they auto pull links down,i did recently have my file restored though,i do feel that its rong that they can auto claim on any site,since its ileagle to claime false copyrights but somehow theses companies get a way with it,if it happens again,ill jsut have to take cbs/sony to court myself,i dont care that theyre big companies,its the morals behind it,and its anoying 2 have 2 keep counter claiming everything,but youre right ytubes not the same anymore,so many thiefs,and ytube itself,and google have ruined it,but ive decided anyway to avoid this auto claim software,thqat detects links in videos that could be copyright infringement,people will simply have2 ask for links,that way i can track who has access to my files,since i only allow my effects overlays to be used by my subers,twitter foloers,with credit,though to date i personally have not had any thing of mine stolen,so im lucky,i know alot of vidders have that problem,and thanks 4 reply too

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