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Introduction to the world Las particles

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Ariel García
Introduction to the world Las particles
on Sep 25, 2009 at 3:11:12 am

Hello friends.

Due to the interest of some partners to incorporate effects achieved with particle illusion their achievements, I leave this guide that could be seen as an attempt to clarify some concepts and introduce the world of Las particles.

We have heard since p.I. ( particle illusion ) Is a software that allows the manipulation of particles in two spatial dimensions, But what may not have been said is that this software carries a rather unique quality: Afford the illusion that we can quickly dominate. This feature should not scare, The opposite, Is very positive for us as it does our enthusiasm to continue with it later, Discover that there was something more to learn, Follow..., Discover..., Follow... And so, With the passing of months and almost without realizing it, Perceive that we have gained much knowledge on the use of this software but, Actually, Handling to fully integrate our capabilities is an issue that will require considerable time. If I were to describe the learning curve in p.I. I would say, In my opinion, Is quite flat when viewed from the entrance (in the colloquial sense a learning curve is flat which allows us to quickly learn a lot), But take a walk on the road you will notice that, To reach the other side, Always fail us one step further. It has been my feeling to begin with this software, Some years ago, And have come to the conclusion that p.I allows us to create, To top, Simple things that seem incredible and unbelievable things that later seem simple.

When we entered particle illusion we do, Also, Particle in one dimension, But... What is that particle?

All recall various images seeking the advertising of certain products, Fragments in the flashing fireworks, Tongues of fire that turn into strange figures, Circling cigarette smoke in the air... In these cases we refer to a system of particles. These may contain the shape of a star, A sphere with diffuse edges, A pen... And all Las your imagination could embrace.

For this system of particles is possible, P.I have: The issuer, it can configure the lifetime of a particle (life), the number of them (number), the size (size); more, Lower or zero visibility (visibility 100 to 0) and other qualities. Well each of these particles in the issuer (because they may be more than one) are configurable and individual accurately, Action that would allow us to vary a number of features. P.I. Also enables us to bring Las particles rebounding (add deflector), Offices indicated (add force) and to block or hide your journey (add blocker).

As will be noticed, To use particle illusion, Each issuer has features that can be configured with a wide range of possibilities. When we access the window where you can observe Las properties of the issuers we enter, Also, The world we appreciate Las powers (and privacy) of each effect.

To "create" the figure of a particle must, First, Compose outside p.I. File content; particle illusion accepts several formats, I usually handle them with Photoshop exporting them in .Png or .PSD (also .Tif or .Tga), you can produce a single file for this purpose or a complete sequence in each file enclosing a slight change, Compared to the previous, With the aim of capturing the series which is then reproduced. Do not forget that, If DESIRING to complete the task, The more picky you in achieving this continuity the higher the level of credibility of the action.

Timely example to create a sequence file:

In Photoshop, Or other software with similar features, Creates a file .Png (or .PSD ) 256 x 256 pixels (also viable options, Among other, 128 x128 pixels / 512 x 512 pixels), Incorporating a graph on transparent background, And save it with the name: 001; then cut, Varies and becomes just the perspective, Simulating the first move in the act which aims to show, save this file as: 002. So on to achieve, Step by step, The end of the intended effect.

This example provides the ability to create simple scripts that you can not obtain by other means. Although the most appropriate way would be to have a number composed in a specific 2D or 3D software. This sequence can be formed, Also, For files .Bmp, Object against a colored background uniform, As particle illusion offers the option, To be then imported, Implement: "full color" (in "shape type), Taken with the "dropper" a sample of the area to be removed and slide a transparency slider to return the background translucent.

Importing sequence from particle illusion:

1 -- Already have the files, Listed, In their respective folder.
2 -- Open p.I.
3 -- Enter: "emitter properties in library" (double click on the library window).
4 -- "particles" / "change shape" and press box: 'add new shape to library ".
5 -- Locate the folder where you saved the files you want to incorporate and marks the first of these, we noted in previous. Open them.
6 -- Determines that if you open the file stream.
7 -- Now have a new window: "particle shape import options". In order to properly observe canal cut chooses: "full color" (in "shape type"). Ok.
8 -- Under the prior sample offering there is a note:"1 of ... (the number of files that make up the series) ", If you press: < > See the formation of the sequence then p.I. Will reproduce.
9 -- 've added another image Las existing.

Replace particle shapes:

An issuer may contain one or more figures particles, Each with different and configurable features. When we enter: "emitter propierties in library" we note that, To the left of our vision, Split is a list, with each of these issuers, there is a + which allows to display a detail on their properties as they are the latest components or Las figures Las particles, Symbolized by a small eight-pointed star, They can also be configured individually.

Make first a copy of any issuer, Brand and applications: "copy selected emitter" (bottom of the window) and will have joined the list with the same name but containing Las opening words: "copy of..."You must do so to the new changes you make do not affect the original. Now mark the image of the particle you want to change (the issuer duplicate peteneciente, Open: "change shape", Select any of Las forms containing the list, Even Las that you've entered, And press :"make active"; you can see in advance how he replaced the figure of particle conserving Las previous properties and giving the issuer a new look. Repeat this test on interiorizarte Las potential changes. Now click ok.

Has joined, As stated, Other entity Las originals, if you feel it adds, Individually, Las desired characteristics by taking advantage Las possibilities for p.I. You can repeat the process as many times as you like and be expanded, Thus, Contents.

If you ever want to save libraries just have to press the right button on the window detailing the list: "save as library..."And gives a new name.

I realize that, Despite having attempted an explanation accessible even to those who have never worked with p.I., Some points should perhaps be developed more fully, I will leave for future comments.

I hope this information has been helpful. Greetings and thanks

Ariel Garcia.

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hugo raul misagna
Re: Introduction to the world Las particles
on Dec 22, 2009 at 10:20:50 pm

Ariel:Sigo tus pasos donde vayas con particle illusion.
Un admirador,Hugo.

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