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Terry Veiga
on Sep 18, 2007 at 12:15:26 am


I love this software!

How do I create the animated disco-laser-lights-shining-from-behind-type (or a silhouette shape of dancers) efx?

Thank you,
Terry in Sacramento

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Re: Disco-laser-lights-shining-from-behind-type
on Sep 19, 2007 at 2:21:25 am

I haven't needed to this type of thing since I do such things in my NLE (Sony Vegas). It comes down to using masks, be it within or outside of PI. If you have PI-3, it should be easy to do so using layers, something like this:

-- Laser effects on bottom layer.
-- Footage of dancer on next layer.
-- Cut-out/mask of dancer on layer above that one.

Adjust how much of the laser effects you want to happen within the silhouette:

-- Totally black or 100% opaque/masked out -- or just a slight bleed-through to give the effect of the lights sort of being reflected on the dancer - though it won't be accurately realistic, just kinda-sorta :)

If you have PI SE, you'd have to do this all one one layer. As stated, I've so far not used masks in PI-3, so open the PI tutorials and use your browser's page-search function for "mask" etc. if you want to do this in PI itself.

If you have an NLE that allows you to make masks with Bezier curves such as Vegas, that's another way to go.

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Terry Veiga
Re: Disco-laser-lights-shining-from-behind-type
on Sep 19, 2007 at 5:50:28 am

Hey Soniclight,

Do you work for Wondertouch and if so, can you point me to a similar efx on the website that I can view? I've looked through all of Wondertouch's demo videos and didn't see that efx. I have PI3 and I tried many variations of layers and masks to no avail. If it's not too much trouble, are you able to mock up a file then email it to me so that I can reverse engineer it?

If it helps, I was attempting this with emitters_06_09.il3, Warp Lines Out 01

Terry in Sacramento

BTW - What's the web site for the "NLE (Sony Vegas)" you mentioned as a possible solution -- I don't have a clue what that is??

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Re: Disco-laser-lights-shining-from-behind-type -- NLE
on Sep 19, 2007 at 11:13:48 am


No, I don't work for Wondertouch, I just seem to be the person posting most often recently.

I don't know what else to tell you since you say you tried masks in PI. I can maybe look into it and the emitter you mentioned in the next couple of days, but I'm reorganizing my entire system and I need to keep focused.


"NLE (Sony Vegas)"- translation:

--- "NLE" is short for professional "non-linear editor" = video/film editing software. "Vegas" is one of them and Sony just released version 8 10 days ago (and changed the name to "Vegas Pro."

Most such NLE's cost from $499-$10,000. Vegas being the most affordable -- and easiest to use.

BUT before you hit the "Ain't got that kinda dough, dude..." button...

Going the NLE Way (Got a Deal for Ya)

IF you want to get into some serious editing firepower, you can get a totally legit, steal-deal on version 6 as long as it lasts--which may not be long since v.8 is out now.

"OK, yeah... But how much is it?"

$99. No joke, no scam:

--- It's disk-only, but I'm a regular at the Vegas forums at Sony and so I know that one can upgrade from this ridiculously priced v.6 deal when/if you wish to do so in the future.

Sure, you could get something like Pinnacle Studio, but Studio is to Vegas what a bicycle is to a racing motorcycle. Alternately, you could also get something intermediate from Sony:

--- Vegas Movie Studio, it comes in two flavors, $79, $119. But you'd be way ahead with the 6 pro version of Vegas, if for but one reason, among many others:

Unlimited tracks.

This can't quite be appreciated until one actually starts getting into truly creative editing. (You sound like the creative type (hey, you got PI-3, right? :)

The other consumer versions of Vegas don't have that capability, and they also lack other features that the real Vegas does have.


So go check out the links below, the second is the official Sony Vegas "family of products" page.

You can also search B&H (where the steal-deal is) or elsewhere for Movie Studio prices: but stick to reputable retailers, otherwise you'll get screwed money-wise and/or product-wise.

But trust me on this:

--- If you want to get good at editing and pull of stuff you can't yet even imagine, go for the $99 deal, and soon. I've blown myself away at what I've discovered I could do as I learned (and keep learning) to use Vegas 6.

The reason I'm upgrading to 8 soon is due to a customary after-release, limited time upgrade deal from previous versions of pro Vegas for only $134-$149 (until Oct. 31). Otherwise, it would be too steep a price for me cuz... rich, I ain't.

OK, time to put a sock in it here. And BTW...
No, I don't work for Sony or B&H, either :)

Take care,

~ Soniclight
(a.k.a. Philip in Los Angeles)


---- Vegas 6 -- B&H Deal for $99

---- All Sony Vegas Versions

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Terry Veiga
Re: Disco-laser-lights-shining-from-behind-type -- NLE
on Sep 22, 2007 at 5:46:38 am

WOW, thanks for the tips Soniclight. Now if only they made Sony Vegas for the Mac... LOL

Yeah, I'm a Mac print designer that's just now getting my feet wet in motion graphics and I like the concept of PI since it is so simple and intuitive. The extent of my editing skills involves iMovie, QuickTime Pro and I've loaded up a demo of FX Home VisionLab Studio. I'm currently learning way too much software at once (Flash, Dreamweaver, Cheetah3D, Final Cut real soon...) but I'm feeling good about my progress and work has become exciting and new again.

Hey, thanks for your time Soniclight and good luck to ya.

Terry in Sacramento

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