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"Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- What App/s Were Used For This FX?

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"Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- What App/s Were Used For This FX?
on Sep 14, 2007 at 1:38:17 pm

I saw and got it at Artbeats as this week's 10-seconds freebie and it fits right into my film project. As title of this series states, it's subtle -- and top notch.

I can't afford to buy these, they cost in the hundreds of dollars per clip. I wrote to Artbeats to ask them if I could contact the original artist so I could get some advice from him or her on how it was done..

No-go, they said. They have their content protected like Fort Knox.

I found nothing about who created it or how besides Artbeats or Pluginz product mentions by Googling either. I may be able to use Particleillusion to replicate this style to a certain degree, but it looks quite sophisticated and possibly 3D generated.

Input from someone at the Sony forum suggested that it probably is expensive to make, hence expensive to buy. It could be someone at ILM or similar place doing some moonlighting on the side :)

I made a 640x480 Flash of said freebie (otherwise unprocessed by me) and put in a blank page at my website. No player, use right-click on it to reply if necessary.

Your thoughts, Alan, Elvis, and/or whoever else?

----- Dreamlight Effect

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Re: "Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- Corrected Link
on Sep 14, 2007 at 1:41:50 pm

Man, I wish one could edit one's posting at this forum once it's posted....

Here is the correct link:

---- Dreamlight Effect

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Alan Lorence
Re: "Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- Corrected Link
on Sep 14, 2007 at 1:58:42 pm

You can edit posts. It's a new feature. View the post then click the "edit your post" link under it.

About the effect -- have you looked at the Pro Emitters "Abstract" library? A lot of similar effects. If not acceptable, they're probably the best starting point for customizing to get what you want.

Also take a look at some of the emitters in the "emitters_05_02" library.


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Re: "Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- Corrected Link
on Sep 14, 2007 at 2:10:17 pm

Thanks, Alan. Too tired to do so right away, but I'll look into all the above stated.

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Re: "Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- Thanks
on Sep 14, 2007 at 11:45:03 pm


Just wanted you to know that you've given me some hope in this with both your recommendations. Due to the at times complex stuff I tend to do, I'm aware that I may have to make more than one project with layers due to the drawing requirements of such particles.

Then composite them in Vegas for the final assembly.

A couple of thread participants over there mentioned some alternative background image type apps, and also something at Digital Juice. But none came close to what you suggested. So I passed on the recommendations to others at the Sony board at which I had posted a similar thread.

Fact is, PI has been mentioned on a fairly regular basis over there recently -- with and without my doing so rather often since PI is central to my developing my visual style.

Hopefully the more Vegas people know about Wondertouch, the more sales :)

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Re: "Dreamlights" 1 & 2 Series -- Superemmiters
on Sep 15, 2007 at 7:14:54 am

I'm going through all of my emitter back to the first ones of 2003 and am finding some usable stuff in there. Also downloaded the "Abstracts" stills and .mov.

Q: I like some the fluidity in several of these but for my style of work, is there a way for me to create and replace the strictly linear particles used with somewhat more organic variations?

I've already created some of my own particles, but only a few.

What I'm shooting at here is that the motions and effects are nice, but for my work I need the lines to be less graphic, more, well, ethereal.

Got any suggestions on how to do that?

Once I know, I most likely will purchase that one once I've scoured through the ones I have for superemitters are more sophisticated.

P.S./FYI on Abstract .mov -- Possible render or upload glitch?

I've downloaded it twice using two different modalities to make sure it wasn't some in-transit file corruption. It may be the way as you intended, but here is what I saw:

--- The blue vertical ribbons emitter at 00.39 (as per QuickTime) is only a brief still image. Unlike all the others.

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