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AVI CONVERSION QUESTION / Help me destroy artifacting!!

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AVI CONVERSION QUESTION / Help me destroy artifacting!!
on May 17, 2007 at 3:47:53 pm

I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing this but I am tearing my hair out trying to solve this and need help. I've gone through the threads in this forum and still haven't found a solution in 18 hours of experiments.
First, I'm using windows XP, editing with adobe premiere pro, and *hoping* to do some fx with particle illusion. For the life of me I can't get rid of terrible aliasing when I'm able to convert an avi into a readable avi for PI.

I've followed all the instructions for the RAD vid tools and divx
codec and am finally able to import my dv avis, but they are USELESS because
I'm getting horrible aliasing/artifacting on my imported avis. I've been
working at this for 18 hours straight and have tried everything (PNG format,
exporting all the options from premiere, etc..) but when it works it looks HORRID
(any motion creates major artifacting).

This program is worthless to me unless I can import clean video. Please please please please PLEASE help or I'm going to need a refund on PI since it's useless to me (I only shoot on DV tape).

thanks in advance!
p.s. is there an export option non-avi that maintains avi quality? If so what is it. I'm shooting HD and need perfect vid import/export from PI. It's has some fabulous FX features but why in the world would it be made incompatible with the #1 video type high-end users use (DV tape avi)???!?

my email back is

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Alan Lorence
Re: AVI CONVERSION QUESTION / Help me destroy artifacting!!
on May 17, 2007 at 3:55:18 pm

We're working on the DV fix -- it will be in a free 3.0.2 update to be released in the next month or two.

In the meantime, there are a couple of ways to convert your DV AVI into a high-quality (indistinguishable from the original) version that pIllusion can read, or better yet, get pIllusion to read the DV file as-is with no conversion.

To get it to read the DV file directly with no conversion, you need to install a DV codec. One that is available for free is the Panasonic DV codec. If you Google that, you'll find several sites that have the codec for download with instructions on installing it. I've done this, and it works great.

If you'd prefer to convert your DV AVI into another format, you can do this in Premiere Pro 2 by selecting the clip, then using "Export -> Movie" in the "File" menu, click the "Settings" button in the Export Movie dialog, and change the File Type to "Targa". Uncheck the "Add to Project when finished" option.

Then you can load the TGA image sequence into particleIllusion, save your particles with an alpha channel, then do your work back in Premiere Pro using the original DV file and the new particles movie (or image sequence).

As I said, we're working on an update so the DV codec or conversion won't be necessary.


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