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Just purchased Extreme Graphics and have a few questions.

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bill Carboni
Just purchased Extreme Graphics and have a few questions.
on Apr 11, 2007 at 2:46:47 pm


The Extreme Graphics emitters are truely incredible and very easy to use. My question regards altering them, specifically the text used.

In the emitter Holoposter 2,within the shape library is a folder called Numbers/Letters with a file called rippedb-01 that has 10 images in it. I want to replace that file with different words. My questions are as follows;

1. Is it possible to somehow open the rippedb file and alter the words and if so how?

2. Is the rippedb file just the various words created in Photoshop and then put in a folder? I'm unclear as to how this works. I tried creating 5 individual word files, put them in a folder, replaced a PI text emiiter shape with the folder and it didn't work.It would be great if someone could explain how these sequences are created and utilized.

3. Assuming #1 is not possible and I understand how to make the sequence correctly, what would you have to do to replace the new words with the existent words in the rippedb file and have them react as they did initially. I want everything within the emmiter to remain the same just alter the words in rippedb.

I hope this makes sense. I appreciate any help. This emmiters rock.

Thanks, Bill Carboni

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Alan Lorence
Re: Just purchased Extreme Graphics and have a few questions.
on Apr 11, 2007 at 3:00:11 pm


This seems like almost the exact same question you asked a few days ago. Elvis answered that one, but I'll do it again.

Particle type shapes (images) can contain a single frame, or multiple frames. Take the example of the "mouse" emitter in the default emitter library -- it has multiple frames. The same thing with the "words" particle type, with each shape (image) being a different word.

To change out the words with the least amount of hassle, first open the properties dialog for that emitter (add it to the stage first), then select the particle type with the words that you want to change. Click the "change shape" tab -- the size of the images used in that particle type is shown right above the preview of the image (something like: "256 x 64 385KB"). That's the size you'll make your new images (in Photoshop or any other paint app). Make your text white on black, then save each image in a lossless format (like PNG or TGA). Name each image sequentially (myimage001.tga, myimage002.tga, etc.). Then when you import the new shape, pIllusion will detect it as an image sequence and ask if you want to use the sequence. Answer "yes".

I hope that's enough info.


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