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1st Contest -- 1st "Honorable Mention" Win Using PI-3 :)

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1st Contest -- 1st "Honorable Mention" Win Using PI-3 :)
on Feb 9, 2007 at 10:36:53 pm

Since Alan suggested it, I am sharing my first completed "public" vid-ditty here in which I used PI3.

I am relatively new to PI3, so the effects are rather simple and essentially linear, yet all custom-made. I'm diving deeper into the tutorial these days.

Constructive critique welcomed from seasoned pros to anyone else.

Please Note:

--- Access to it at a temp page at my website will be for -- a LIMITED time only -- a week or less and I will post a note once it is off-line. (BTW that page mentions the Sony Vegas Forum since that's what it was initially used for.)

If/when, I will be re-doing and adding a couple of things for various reasons, but this is the as-it-was-submitted version:

--- Contest: Renderosity end-of-year "Holidays Contest."
--- Max length permitted: 60 sec. Max file size, 10 Mb.
--- Only original material, incl. music allowed.

This entry was in the Animation category where any but only 2D programs could be used.

Yeah, it's of a serious nature with some spiritual stuff, BUT IT IS NOT some religious P.R.
I'm allergic to all "holier than thou"-isms.

-- The Music in It --

A verse variation study for my "real" film project-in-the-works. (Hey, it's my music, I can rob myself blind - lol)

Melodic concept/storytelling type rock music fascinated me then, and colors my current style.

However due to not being able to afford public licenses, I cannot use my signature BBC and other "background story" sound fx in work for public broadcast, i.e. a forum.

These would have added far more dramatic dimension to this clip.
But even so, hopefully you have nice speakers hooked up.


Here are the file specs, so you know what to expect.

-- File Format: Windows Media 9x .wmv, 640 x 480, 1000 K Bitrate.
-- Duration & File Size: 60 seconds, 7.6 Mb.

Note: The meaning of the two non-English words depicted is translated by what follows them.

Your premiere of..."A NEW YEAR"

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Re: 1st Contest -- 1st "Honorable Mention" Win Using PI-3 :)
on Feb 10, 2007 at 7:15:40 am

Courtesy Note:

At the time of this posting, my webhosting co. is having some server problems, so one cannot use the link -- I can't get email either. But it may be up by the time you are reading this.

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