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Image disintegration?

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new 2 3d
Image disintegration?
on Jan 2, 2007 at 8:29:10 pm

Basic question here, but I havent used PI in so long that Ive practically forgotten most of the techniques.

Im trying to disintegrate an image, then output it with an alpha channel into AE.

When I then comp it in AE, it will begin to show an animation on a layer behind the disintegrating one.

Id love to achieve the same effect as this, though this was done in AE:

Im sure this is basic stuff but I cant for the life of me remember how to do it! Also, my image is going to fill the screen so its doesnt need an alpha channel ( its basically a page from a book ).

Thanks guy for any help offered.

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Elvis Deane
Re: Image disintegration?
on Jan 2, 2007 at 10:50:34 pm

This tutorial covers the basics of disintegrating. If you're doing something that covers the full screen, then you really only need to use the Get Color from Layer setting, and not worry about the transparency. When outputting your final clip, make sure to hide your background so that it doesn't mess with your alpha channel when you import the rendered particles into AE.

Elvis Deane!

The Apprentice Magician's Guide to particleIllusion

Wilbur of Wumbaberry

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new 2 3d
Re: Image disintegration?
on Jan 3, 2007 at 12:31:48 pm

Thanks for that Elvis, its helped.

However I still dont quite get it Im afraid to say.

The image I want to dissolve is my background image that covers the entire stage, so I load that up.

I then choose a suitable particle style, make it an area emitter, change it to "get colour from layer" and cover the entire stage.

I want the image to remain static and intact for say 10 frames, then dissolve over say another 20 frames.

The part I dont understand is how I can display the image, then dissolve it?

Should I be setting the first particle keyframe at frame 10, then another at frame 30, and alter the visibilty settings in between?

Sorry to be a pain in the ass here as Im sure its a very basic effect to achieve. Would you have any links that contain sample PI files that do what Im trying to achieve that I can simply load up and analyse?

Many thanks.

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new 2 3d
Re: Image disintegration?
on Jan 3, 2007 at 7:05:47 pm

Right then... Im making headway a little bit now.

I followed your other tutorial Elvis, the one with the "lemon lime" logo which was more appropriate to what I needed, and that made more sense to me.

Problems created are:

1. The logo has a very linear left to right look as the square passes over the image. This means that Ive got a very visible and unnatural look to the effect. Is there an easy way to achieve a frontal dissolve effect as if the image was dissolving into particles and heading towards the screen, from the center?

2. When I export it to AE, only the particles are visible which isnt good, so how do I export it from PI in to AE, with the background still visible?

I know Im asking a lot of questions here so Im not really expecting any further advice, but thanks all the same. In the meantime Ill try with trial and error. Perhaps AE is the only way to do this after all.


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