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Using Force

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Using Force
on Nov 13, 2006 at 2:45:14 am

I'm going thru Elvis Deanes tutorial of the Disintergrating people and things and for dome reason I can't apply force when needed? I have also bought both his CD's which I highly recommand. Anyhow - I did the titorila once just to check it out, and then wanted to do it again, now I can't apply force, I click and nothing happens...Whats going on?

Also, I'm using this effect with a movie I filmed 3 years agao, yes 3 years ago, in this scene the acytor was not filmed in front of a green screen, it was filmed out side.

The first thime I tried it, I used photoshop and cut out my actor and filled in the vold on my background, it was ok I guess... But not as natural looking as Elvis' -

Anyhow - any sugge4stions would be great.

two things:

First: Is there a way to be able to do this with PI when my actor was not filmed in front of a green screen

and Second: Why can't I use force? I even closed PI and started a new project, same result...

Thanks guys


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Elvis Deane
Re: Using Force
on Nov 14, 2006 at 7:48:01 am

For the forces, two things to check- are the forces on the same layer as your particles, and second- What does their Active graph look like? If there isn't a key at frame 1 with a line all the way, they may be turned off at some point which would explain the problem. If you want a force to be working throughout a project, make sure you place it on the stage when the time indicator is at frame 1.

As for the footage, other than cutting it out frame by frame in Photoshop or using masking tools in a compositing program, you might be able to use a Difference Key provided you have a shot of the background without the actor in the frame and your editing/compositing program does that effect. A Difference Key is supposed to take any pixels between two layers that are the same and remove them. Never seen it work cleanly, but it may give you a starting point at least.

Elvis Deane!

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