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Clarification About Tutorials Please

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Clarification About Tutorials Please
on Sep 25, 2006 at 8:22:15 pm

Okay. I need some clarification about some of the tutorials.

In the Distenigrating People Tute, the two files to be use are the Background Image File and the Live Actor File (shot with a greenscreened and then keyed out).

In the Orbing Away Tute, you want to have a Live Action Footage, Clean Plate Footage, Painted Matte Footage (with Background Painted Black, and from what I've read and seen this Image should be a freeze frame?), Painted Matte with Black Background and White Actor Image, and Particles

In the "Dust Person Appear, Disappear, Reappear" Tute, you want Actor on Greenscreen Footage, Keyed Footage (Black Background with Solid White Actor), Particles, Particles from Footage, and Forced Objects.

Here's what I need to know. What is the purpose of the Solid White Actor footage? And why wasnt it needed for the Distinegrating People Tutorial?

Also, why is it that I read that you need a single frame with Alpha? But in the Dust Person Appear, Disappear, Reappear" Tutorial its not a single frame but the entire footage?

For my reference, whats the best way render out this Solid White Actor Alpha footage with After Effects 6.0 and with PI3? Is this done with a White Solid and then having the Actor Layer with Stencil Alpha? Or is it done when Rendering out to Make Movie with After Effects?

And when putting all these layers in After Effects and or PI3, what is the Layer Stack order from Top to Bottom?

Thanks for any and all help.


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Elvis Deane
Re: Clarification About Tutorials Please
on Sep 26, 2006 at 7:46:24 am

Since the Orbing scenes were shot in a location with no green screen, I generated the painted matte so that I'd have some way of telling the particles where they should be born. Could you use this method to disintegrate someone? Yes. But since the painted matte is only one frame, if the actor is moving as they disintegrate you may run into complications. In Star Trek or Charmed, the actors don't usually move around too much as they are beaming/orbing away, so painting just that one frame is a lot easier than dealing with a green screen.

The solid white actor (I assume you mean from the 2006 reel) was just put in to show people what the alpha channel looked like after it was keyed. It's not actually a layer you would use, it's just a visual representation of the keyed layer.

Elvis Deane!

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