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PIllusionRender problem

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Dakota Joe
PIllusionRender problem
on Apr 1, 2006 at 7:34:15 am

Hi, I am having problems with PIllusionRender (which came with PI3). First off, it takes much longer to render something in PIllusionRender than it does in PI3 (the exact same file). Is this supposed to be the case?

But the worst thing is that when I render an over-sized file with PIRender, the image is greatly distorted, sort of like it went through a blender or something.

FYI: My current project that I am attempting to render is 1800 by 1000 pixels, 25 frames a sec, 161 frames. I am using the "Flames" emitter from the fire_01 library. I am using 300 points with this emitter.

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Alan Lorence
Re: PIllusionRender problem
on Apr 1, 2006 at 1:46:43 pm

pIRender for Windows does not use hardware acceleration at this time, so it will be much slower. Sometimes MUCH MUCH MUCH slower.

Try increasing the stage width to 1808 pixels. I'd also suggest creating a simple project (very simple point emitter zoomed up so you can see it -- something that doesn't create a ton of particles) for testing. Use the same stage size, but simplify the emitter so it doesn't take minutes to render each frame.

pIRender for Windows has problems with some widths, but I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Here's how I deal with it when I have "scrambled" results. First, find out if the width is evenly divisible by 4. If it's not, increase it so it is. As an example, say I have a width that's 790. 790 / 4 = 197.5. To increase it, round up and multiply by 4: 198 x 4 = 792. If that width does not work, then check to see if it's evenly divisible by 8, then 16. Round up and multiply each time. Make sense?


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