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Using Particle Illusion with Sony Vegas.

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Using Particle Illusion with Sony Vegas.
on Jul 4, 2005 at 12:31:07 am

I found the following post on another forum for using Sony Vegas with Particle Illusion. I just purchased the full version of PI 3 and I'm confused by what the user is trying to say here. Can someone translate this? It's as if he's saying you don't want to render from with in PI, yet then says that you do render part of it or something...???? And I don't know what he's saying when he mentions "Set it as the background"

Thanks for your help. -Rick

It's a great program, but you have to render out what you are doing, set it as the background in P3, do your effects, render that and drop them both back on the timeline and render the final product. You can render out of P3, but the results won't be as tight. But it really is a cool program and there are lots of extra effects on the web. Really simple, really powerful. I've used it on many occasions for many things. IF you are really serious and have the money, the P3 engine is the particle engine for Discreet Combustion.

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Elvis Deane
Re: Using Particle Illusion with Sony Vegas.
on Jul 4, 2005 at 6:02:24 pm

The workflow he's talking about is something like
1-Render out a clip that you want to add effects to from Vegas

2-Import that as a background into pI

3-Add particle effects, hide the background video, and render particles to an image sequence with alpha channel

4- Import the rendered particles into Vegas, composite them with your video

There are a few advantages doing it this way rather than just rendering everything out of pI. One would be that you can use the different blending modes in Vegas to adjust the look of how your particle footage blends with your video footage. Also if you have a 5 minute video, you wouldn't want to bring the entire thing into pI if you're only adding particles to one or two seconds of the video.

Elvis Deane!
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