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output size

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output size
on Apr 3, 2005 at 1:21:46 am

okay, I want to export a file of 720x486. I set this size in the project settings, but in the output settings it shows a smaller output size and does not allow me to increase it to 720x480. what am I doing wrong? thanks.

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Elvis Deane
Re: output size
on Apr 3, 2005 at 5:05:03 am

If your graph, library and hierarchy windows are arranged in a way that they cut off part of the stage, pI will automatically zoom the stage down before it starts rendering. So you really need to just grab the borders around the stage window, and resize it so that your stage area is larger than 720x486 before you hit render. If you're using pI3, hit Alt+3 before you render. That sets the stage to full screen, and will ensure the stage isn't too small to render at the proper size.

Elvis Deane!
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Aharon Rabinowitz
Re: output size
on Apr 4, 2005 at 5:23:43 pm

Hey there- I've seen a lot of people making a huge mistake here, so I need to point this out.

If you are using the 720x486 resolution, you are probably shooting for D1 DV NTSC (0.9) pixel aspect ratio. If that's the case, you should be working at 648x486, not 720x486. ParticleIllsuin can only work at Sqaure pixel aspect ratios.

to fit into a D1 DV NTSC comp perfectly, work in pIllusion with a stage size of 648x486.

- let me explain:

720 x 486 is the non-square resolution for broadcast video. It uses a PAR (Pixel aspect ratio) of .9 (90 percent as wide as square pixels).

.9 x 720 = 648

so the resolution should be 648 x 486. The 486 remains constant since it is only the width that is effected by PAR.

The question becomes whether or not your NLE (Non-Linear Editor) can read video with square pixels.

I know that AE will automatically adjust the footage to match the comps non-square PAR, so I assume that premiere will too. Could be wrong.

Also, if you are working in the NTSC D1 (0.9) PAR in your NLE, any video you import into pIllusion (as Background) should be in sqare pixels, which means you need to output your BG footage from your NLE at 648x486. The reason you need to do this is so that pIllusion, which works in square pixels displays the footage correctly so that you can match your final particle footage with the BG and output from pIllusion - when you bring the footage back to your NLE it will hopefully be able to convert it to non-square pixels.

If you don't understand this - think about it this way:

All circles in a PAR of 0.9, look oval - it's 90% as wide as it is tall. When you watch that footage on a TV, though, your TV understands to display it so that it looks like a circle, fixing the problem. On the other hand, If I output that footage of a circle, and bring it into pIllusion, pIllusion thinks it's square pixels, and doesn't understand that it needs to correct for the non-square PAR. So pIllusion keeps it looking like an Oval.

To compound it, if render out my particles on that oval, when i bring it back into my NLE, it knows the pixels are square pixels, and it tries to correct for that by squishing it again. Now the Oval is even more oval than it was before, and my particle footage is also being squished.

The point is, regardless of BG footage, video you output from pIllusion is in square pixels and will be squished in a non-square comp to correct for the non matching PAR.

Hope that helps.

Aharon Rabinowitz

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Re: output size
on Jun 11, 2006 at 12:02:00 am

what about PAL?
same issues????
(lotsa people in europe using PI)

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