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Changing Spiral Motion Path in Ribbon tutorial (using title stream tutorial)

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jess bressler
Changing Spiral Motion Path in Ribbon tutorial (using title stream tutorial)
on Jan 21, 2013 at 12:33:25 am

It will be obvious but I will say it anyway, I am new to expressions. But I have a vision for a job and it's the only way... I need help.

I want multiple text layers to follow a spiral down from the top and then mid animation stop spiraling and follow a simple path.

I got the ribbon tutorial (old, by David Langley) to work but only using the expression he uses for position. Like I said, that's not exactly what I want (I want faster, changing radius, and slowly stopping the spiral to follow a path at a certain time). I found the title stream tutorial(also old, by Joe Chao), and that has a tighter spiral with more control and have successfully taken that expression for a spiral and modified it (using a parent null on a path) to have the motion I want.

So, on the one hand I have the ribbon tutorial working with its own loose spiral. And then on the other I have two nulls, one with the faster spiral from Joe's tutorial modified so that it spirals while being parented to the second null, which is following a path. I got the expression so the first null to slow down and eventually just follow the path normally.

The problem is, when I insert my expression as the position in the txt guide, the letters lose their ribbon appearance and become jumbled and unreadable. they are all over the place, no longer in a line of text. I can't get the text of the ribbon tutorial to follow the new spiraling null with the motion I like like it does it's own.

Please give me any and all advice/ things to try...

ps the offsets are because the thing keeps spiraling off visible area and I can't see how the letters are looking. (I'm a beginner, it's a hack, I know)

the too slow and loose spiral that the text does follow:
Vert_Change= 30;

radius= 75;

a= -Math.cos(time) * radius + thisComp.width * 0.2;

b= -Vert_Change * time + thisComp.height;

c= Math.sin(time) * radius;


my spiral that the text will not follow properly:
vel1=20; // outward velocity
vel2=40; // rotation velocity
vel3=80; // upward velocity
offsetX=thisComp.layer("offsetNull"). effect("offsetX")("Slider");
offsetY=thisComp.layer("offsetNull"). effect("offsetY")("Slider");
offsetZ=thisComp.layer("offsetNull"). effect("offsetZ")("Slider");
radius=30; // Radius of the helix's bottom
radtemp=radius+vel2*time; // Radius at a certain time
angletemp=vel1*time; // angle at a certain time
a= -Math.cos(angletemp)* radtemp+offsetX; // X position
b= vel3*time; // Y position
c=Math.sin(angletemp)* radtemp; // Z position
[a,b,c] //output the position

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