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AE scripting; streamlining text animations, is it possible?

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joseph kitchin
AE scripting; streamlining text animations, is it possible?
on Jan 20, 2013 at 9:57:36 pm

My goal is to use after effects scripting to make a series of quick-access tools SPECIFICALLY for this project, compressing several steps that must be constantly repeated into a few drags and a drop down box.

here is the ultimate goal, to make a toolset to mass-produce these

for this is basically need to do one very important thing, with some stuff bundled into that. are any of these possible with Expressions? where should i start?
-> i need some way to define a text box, position it, then choose from a series of stock text animations from a drop-down box, as well as if the animation for the text is per-word or per-letter, and the animation speed. The generated text box must have handles on the timeline for fade-in and fade-out, which are independent of the animation speed (so the text can fade in and animate, then hang around until the scene changes).

it is very important that the process be this quick, as i'll need to make lots of pages like this and not having to take ten minutes per page would be great.

i don't know much about AE scripting or expressions but i do know it's possible to create pallets to hold custom-defined menus and buttons, simple GUI stuff, but that's exactly what i need

the visual effects and audio are separate things entirely, and probably not nearly as complex

so, is is possible? where should i start?

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Dan Ebberts
Re: AE scripting; streamlining text animations, is it possible?
on Jan 20, 2013 at 10:28:12 pm

You should be able to create the animations with expressions, but you'll need a script for the UI (and to create the text, apply the expressions, etc.) You might want to look at Adobe's JavaScript Tools Guide (accessible throught the ExtendScript editor's Help menu), which has the info on how to create UI stuff, and the AE Scripting guide for creating text layers, adding expressions, etc.


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Stefan Hinze
Re: AE scripting; streamlining text animations, is it possible?
on Jan 21, 2013 at 8:44:33 am

maybe there is already a script for you out there!
Take a look at :
It´s not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe you can get in contakt with the autor of the script and request something more specific for your needs...
The Script also handles Audio!
You need to set up a "Master Comp" and the rest will be created by the script...

Hope this helps!

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