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House Reference and sync approach needed!

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jay agoglia
House Reference and sync approach needed!
on Sep 25, 2014 at 1:57:04 am

Hi Cow,

I am replacing an old sync generator at my company. This finally gives me the opportunity to set up the house sync/reference and fix what I didn't set up originally. Until we purchase a Tektronix spg-8000 or something similar. I have a few pieces at my disposal. I've been trying to convince the higher ups to let me design a sync patch-bay solution but they are totally against it, and (side note) would really appreciate any response or experience pro-sync patch-bay AND/or NO-sync PB.

To my current question. we are a post house that distributes to broadcasters. We do not have live video feeds on air/web or any video cameras.
We use encoders, NLE's, VTRs, RS422 operations, VTR emulation, Frame Accurate lay-offs, Dubbing, video Conversions, QC, etc.

What are some suggestions for this type of environment?

Here is my list of important gear:
1) Sync generator: Tektronix SCB-200N (4 BB, sync, blank, VI, Enc SC, SC outs)
2) AJA Gen10 (for tri-level)
2) DA: Leitch FR-684 DA's (8x8)
3) I also have Leitch FR-6804-1 Digital Glue? (havent looked into this yet)

Two main ideas:
1) To minimize sync being a potential issue and to quickly isolate if it is an issue when troubleshooting
2) Most stable wiring for heavy workflows

Since I have 4 BB outputs and an 8x8 DA...Do I focus on isolating workflow systems with the same grouping of sync signals or grouping identical equipment together, or spreading equipment out.

I am most concerned about:
MPEG Decoder boards
VTRs: SR, D5, Digi Beta, etc
FCP, Vegas and Premiere NLe's (AJA Kona LHi boards & one with Kona3)
Pipeline and other Network Encoders

For the following workflow what is Ideal:
Mpeg Decoder board (ref in & can be gen locked)
EV Encoder 1(no gen lock or reference needed)
EV Encoder 2 (Sync source can be ref in or video in, can be Gen locked)
EV Encoder 3 (no gen lock or reference needed)
Pipeline (Ref in and can be gen locked)

thank you!

Jason Agoglia
QC Manager
On The Spot Media

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Tom Matthies
Re: House Reference and sync approach needed!
on Oct 14, 2014 at 1:50:05 pm

The AJA Gen10 is capable of outputting both "normal" and Tri-Level sync. You might consider using its dual outputs and sending each to a DA for distribution to your various pieces of equipment. Do you have equipment that actually requires Tri-level sync? If so, it should be happy with the Gen10 signals. I'm running one in a remote truck and it works well.
Unless you have a number of "islands" of equipment, you are generally better off running the same reference to everything. You can't go wrong with everything locked to a common reference.
If you need something other than simple Black Burst, you might want to consider a more capable sync generator that is capable of a wider variety of output signals, although there isn't as much of a demand for signals like horizontal drive, vertical drive or blanking as there used to be.

Not my monkeys. Not my circus.

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