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maurice jansen
advise please
on Nov 1, 2009 at 9:13:21 pm

hi there all.

i have some trainee's visiting our facility this week.
the boy's and girl's had the chance to send theory question's they want to be explained in a practical way. one of these student's wanted to know the difference between progresive and interlaced.

We all know the difference (at least we think we know) but how the hack do you show this in a practical way ;-). i'm experimenting with 2 sony HDC1500's 1 in 720P and 1 in 1080i. these camera are on there side facing 2 RMA testchart's where in front 2 good old metronome's are swinging with a whitepaper extension. my theory is that near the base the speed is slower then on the end so every temporal frequency / speed should be there. this should show the difference in motion portrayal but for some reason the difference is not that obvious as i thought. any good idea's needed from your side??

the quality of deinterlacers is revealed surprisingly good if you want to scare the hell out of a display sales man get your self a metronome and a resolution testchart ;-) on advise of bob Z(although not directly given) i feeded the interlaced feed to a sony LMD (o boy this one lost bigtime ;-) a TVlogic and a Panasonic monitor.
next to that i also feeded it to a HDlink from blackmagic in combination with a samsung syncmaster a folsom imagepro in combination with a samsung syncmaster.

i guess this is enough but i also want to show it on a comercial tv set any suggestion's ??


People saying they don't make mistake's often make nothing at all!

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Phillip Platz
Re: advise please
on Nov 17, 2009 at 5:52:02 am

Don't know the age of these kids... but if they just want to know the difference, practically, can't you just use the industry standard explanation of interlinking the fingers on both of your hands?

Keeping it simple,


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