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VITC and broadcast clock

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lloyd stas
VITC and broadcast clock
on Oct 24, 2009 at 5:53:39 pm

I have posted about this topic before and the responses were great. I am however struggling with a few more things about some broadcast requirements. I am to upload an MPEG2 music video to fastrax IDM via FTP.

Firstly is the VITC. Here is what they ask:

"We require Broadcast Standard 625/50 (PAL) @ 720x608 resolution including VITC on lines 19 & 21."

I dont really understand VITC, is this something that is automatically on the video or must I insert this onto the video?

Secondly is the clock. Here is what they ask:

This is an example using a 3’ 00” Music Video:

09:59:50:00 Unique slate and countdown from 10’’
09:59:57:00 Black and silence
10:00:00:00 Video/Audio In Point (Start of Message)
10:02:59:24 Video/Audio Out Point (End of Message)
10:03:00:00 End of file

Should I make my own slate for this? I understand how to insert the slate and countdown, as I have found some examples on the internet. However, it seems that after the countdown the clock continues throughout the video, is this right? If anyone could give me a more specific example of how to do this, i would be very grateful.

Thanks for your help :)
Lloyd Stas

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maurice jansen
Re: VITC and broadcast clock
on Oct 24, 2009 at 8:52:08 pm


they want uninterupted VITC timecode for the complete clip
on line 19&21

you have programs that can generate this for you.
you will find them somewhere down the cow or google.
i did earlier but since i don't need it i forgot the name of the program.

another trick is(if your card support 608lines capture) to stripe a tape with the right TC black and VITC and ingest this. then key/superimpose this clip on your timeline. but be aware to do this right otherwise the action is useless. (waveform with line selection and a VITCreader would be a great help).

yes you have to make the slate but this can be very simple.
you only have to know what data has to be on the slate it can be a white text on a black background same for the countdown.


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Bob Zelin
Re: VITC and broadcast clock
on Oct 24, 2009 at 10:01:01 pm

VITC is vertical interval time code. Many young producers may shoot with a little HD camera (like an HVX200) and import this footage into their FCP system, and then face broadcast delivery requirements, having never seen a Sony Digi Beta or HD Cam VTR.

Without giving you a lecture, find a professional post production house to create this master tape for delivery. You ain't gonna do this on your FCP system sitting in your bedroom.

Bob Zelin

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Oliver Maingay
Re: VITC and broadcast clock
on Jan 17, 2010 at 11:01:03 am

Also bear in mind that for broadcast in the UK, music videos have to pass the Harding Test for flashes which can trigger seizures in sufferers of epilepsy. Worth looking in to rather than risk getting video rejected -

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