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The everlasting struggle: pc vs mac (but (maybe) with a twist)

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Sebastian Plamadeala
The everlasting struggle: pc vs mac (but (maybe) with a twist)
on Jan 23, 2008 at 4:42:25 pm

Good day,
I know, the topic is old, opinions vary, etc. But what happens when it all the pros and cons must be taken into account to decide on equipment for a tv station?

I have read a ton of articles about macs and about pc's, so i know the ups and down on both.

Here's the thing though. I never saw a factual comparison of the two. A table containing times of render (workstations with almost the same configuration, component brand not important), the capabilities, the workflow issues, the stability (and WHY is it more stable, does it depend on the user, the version of the program, etc), and last but not least, performance/price ration.

I admit, i am not asking your opinion just to contribute to the world, i also have the terrible task of choosing between the two systems, and why i chose one over the other. (with, specs, etc).

I am an it-guy, i know a render can depend on a lot of things, the pc components have tens of different brand manufacturers, windows is not as stable as we would like, mac is the most stable of them all (linux not included:), and all the known things. But i never saw any hard on facts comparison between the two, just that "one has a thingamagic that is better then the other, i like etc", but again, never something centralized, nothing just in one place.

I know, it would take month,years to do it properly. System configurations change on a monthly bases, but can't we come up with something close to an attempt?:)

Yes, it would help me out extremely, my boss being somewhat of an as..ole! :)

He wants to know what can he get in the broadcast room, the playout system i mean, he used pc in the past, but they kept crashing.... he was playing out with PREMIER!! ( wich i kind of stupid to do, its not exactley broadcast software:) ) and now he saw another tv station using macs for playout. "they're so stable, they get lots of praise".

I admit, i'm a pc man myself, because i like to play with the insides of my pc, and to know exactly what and why some things work and others not.

not a question of FCP vs Premiere vs other.

Just mac or pc in the MCR (master control room), in the editing rooms, everywhere.

Price is higher on mac, i know, but to my experience, a pc beats or equals the macs performance and is twice as cheep.

Software accessibility, again, pc scores.

But we remain on stability of the playout and broadcast graphics station. mac or pc? how do you guys make your playout?

(He dosn't care or know about the dedicated broadcast playout stations or turnkey solutions, because he is afraid of them and dosn't know that they exist. He was a former MCR chief and a former comunication officer in the, narrow minded, arrogant, likes to show who's the boss...

So, yes, i am begging for some help/insight.

Thank you for existing,

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Sebastian Plamadeala
Re: The everlasting struggle: pc vs mac (but (maybe) with a twist)
on Jan 23, 2008 at 4:46:13 pm

P.S: got a mac for testing from apple romania, two xeon dual core at 3 ghz and 2 gb ram, final cut pro preinstalled. i must say, its render time is much slower than a quad core q6600 pc with 2 gb ram...

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