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Quantel Paintbox output to DVI?

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Quantel Paintbox output to DVI?
on Nov 22, 2007 at 1:02:35 pm

Hi all, I've posted this in the Blackmagic forum aswell, but thought one of you chaps might be able to chime in with a suggestion?....

I'm trying to find a way of monitoring our old Paintbox Express on a Dell 2047FP effectively - we rarely use it, but need it for archived work occasionally and I'm not wasting a Sony BVM broadcast monitor on it for that!
Looking at various solutions I wondered if something like the BMD HDLink would work well? It's SD PAL coming out of the spare SDI o/p from the Paintbox, then DVI into the Dell..

- I know you're supposed to use a 1920x1200 display for PAL, because of 2x resizing, but surely 2 x 720x576 is 1440x1152? so should my 1600x1200 display work ok?

- Also, the Paintbox is an RGB output, not this supported/converted by HDLink? I know RGB 4:4:4 is with dual link, but this is not dual link.

- The other thing is 'lag time'. I've tried a cheapy component>VGA converter from Maplin and despite the bad pic quality and no support of RGB it seems to lag behind what you're doing with the cursor..I presume this is a latency with the cheap converter, because my Dell is plenty responsive with Photoshop, etc on my PC? Does HDLink have any Latency issues?

- Does HDLink have a 16:9 switch anywhere so it displays correctly on my 4:3 display?

- Are there any other decent SDI/Component > DVI/VGA converters on the market that might suit me better for SD work rather than HDLink? I've seen a couple from, but I don't think they adjust for PAL pixel shape and looks like their RGB input is a scart which is no good..

This was my other option:

Only thing with this is that looks like the only way to RGB into it is via a scart (presuably with somesort of dodgy phono component>scart converter bolted on aswell...and not sure if this only outputs square pixels? )

Thanks for any advice anyone has.

*Production Studio Premium CS2 / *Combustion 3 / Mocha v1
Win XP Pro SP2 / Intel P4 3GHz / 2GB RAM / GeForce FX5200 / DeckLink Pro / Roland DS-5 monitors / Sony BVM-20G1E / DVS SDI Clipstation / Wacom Intuos 3 A4 / 110GB boot/80GB media/600GB RAID-0

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