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Video Mixers
on Sep 17, 2007 at 9:06:36 pm

I am trying to find a video switcher/mixer that will take the following inputs and outputs and produce a clean cut between sources.

- vga - 1
- component - 1
- DVI - 1
- s-video (up to four, for four cameras)

VGA - 2

Currently, we are using an Ocean Matrix 7200A which has a freeze-fadeblack-delay then dissolves to the next source. This undesireable effect is especially noticeable between the analog source and the DVI (a computer running a program called Easy Worship).

We are looking for a NEW mixer/switcher that has the following:

- a t-bar from one row of inputs to the next
- a preview monitor
- room for up to four cameras; two of them MUST be s-video; and since HDMI is here, it would be nice if we had that capability
- outputs, just VGA for now, but would like to know if any models within reasonable price range have digital video capabilities
- working on a budget;

The must haves for this are the clean cut between the computer (dvi) and the s-video analog sources (2 s-video at least) and one vga input. Also at least one vga out. If the t-bar comes in a seperate controller, and can be added later through an rs-232 connection, that is great.

We do not need chromakey, pip, wiping capability or any other "high-end" function.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Jussi Peimola
Re: Video Mixers
on Jan 6, 2008 at 9:12:39 pm


I have been working on a budget in our christian teaching and singing reordings. First I bought the cheapest descent mixer Datavideo SE-500 wich is digital mixer with analog in:s, the problem for the vga-things is that you have to convert vga-signal to rgb before the mixer and svideo to vga after the mixer. That way the quality suffers a bit, but If you are working to get it properly to screen it does not matter. Quality is good enough. If you should broadcast or edit the result then I'm not sure if you need to invest more money but for the budget I would buy few converters and basic mixer and work with that. There is only four inputs but should you need more and need to save money buy a four way video-swich for the rest of connections. When this swich is your fourth connection you can put those not so important lines trough the switch and preview them from your quad preview before "broadcasting". luxury from se-500 mixer is quad preview so not as many screens are required.

I have this setup and I also have to convert computers etc. to screen. I have some kind of connection sheet drawed somewhere but it's easy to do with this kind of setup. At least much more cheaper than those BIG mixers that cost a lot.

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