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exporting video to HDTV - help

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exporting video to HDTV - help
on Feb 3, 2007 at 11:05:46 pm

Hi there,
I'm looking for help regarding HDTV exporting from aftereffects, and in general.

I have a nice animation made up in high-resolution (uncompressed AVI) and i want to play it from my DVD player and see it in HD quality on my 37" LCD HDTV monitor.

-Do i need to have a special video card that will compress it for HD?
-Do i need a special HD codec?
-Do i need an HD DVD player?

The res. i used: 720x480, 1920x1280 and 1920x1080 came out good but with a look of a regular TV (slightly pixelated - not crisp looking), i used the best program as well: DVDit pro HD.

Please give me an idea of what is required in order to export HDTV compatible graphics.


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Dave LaRonde
Re: exporting video to HDTV - help
on Feb 5, 2007 at 6:52:54 pm

Well, you might be an HD Addict, but there's a little more you need to know about it.

You can put HD files on a Data DVD, but you CAN'T put HD onto a standard DVD to play it in your DVD player.

ALL standard DVD players use 720x480 screen resolution, including widescreen 16x9. You need to get special HD DVD authoring software, a compatible burner, and either a Blu-Ray or HD DVD machine to do what you want. I have no doubt that the requirements of those machines will dictate the codec you use. You will probably have to use an intermediate codec coming out of AE to preserve quality before endoding to an HD-compatible DVD.

[hdaddictt] "...what is required in order to export HDTV compatible graphics?"

HDTV is 1920x1080, square pixels, and the screen aspect ratio is 16x9. If that's what you want to have, that's what you need to use in AE. If you're incorporating lower-resolution video in your AE animations, you're wise to look at up-rezzing software like Instant HD. It helps a lot, but it can't work miracles; I know about one person who could work miracles, but they crucified the guy.

And about that 1920x1280 screen resolution you wrote about: I'm going to guess that you simply mistyped some information, and that you REALLY meant to type 1280x720.

Dave LaRonde
Sr. Promotion Producer

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Re: exporting video to HDTV - help
on Feb 5, 2007 at 8:40:50 pm

Hehe i'm a junior HDaddict...

So basically a combination of:

The right exporting (i use an HD program, so it should be fine) --> the right burner (does it have to be an HD burnering drive? ) --> the right player (blu-ray or HD DVD)

to actually see it in HD?

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Del Holford
Re: exporting video to HDTV - help
on Feb 7, 2007 at 5:58:56 pm

You need an HD recorder to record the file in HD. Then the playback will depend on which burner you use - HD DVD or BluRay. Several major players (LG leading the way) are making them compatible for both in the new models coming out.

Slightly less troublesome would be to record your video on a regular DVD anamorphically and then use a DVD player with the ability to line double the video to the monitor and to stretch the squeezed video out to full 16:9. My son has an LCD 37" monitor and he uses his XBox360 to upconvert DVDs to the monitor. Not quite as good as true HD but a lot less expensive currently.

fire*, smoke*, photoshopCS2
Charlotte Public Television

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