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Sony DSR-450 Won't Eject?

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Sony DSR-450 Won't Eject?
on Sep 19, 2006 at 11:59:10 pm

We just purchased three Sony DSR-450s to replace our aging BetaCam SP fleet.

One was shipped to us today. The others are coming at a later date.

So far, I'm really impressed with the camera. However, there is an issue I'm concerned with...

The EJECT won't work. If I push the blue EJECT button under the OPEN panel, the camera makes a "gear" sound that seems like it's trying to pop-open the cassette holder, but it doesn't spring out.

I feel like an idiot asking this simple question, but is there something I need to do since it's a new camera? You know, like when you buy a printer; it's full of things you need to remove that was put there for shipping.

I also noticed that even when it's plugged into our power supplies (the ones we were using for our Sony D30, D35, and 637), the battery meter on the DSR-450 shows only two bars. Sort of like the reading you'd get with a dying battery. (On our BetaCams, when the power supply is used, the battery meter shows full.)

That makes me kinda think the eject issue is a result of the camera not getting enough "juice." We have a compliment of Anton Bauer "bricks" that we used on the BetaCams that we will be using on the DSR-450s, but the plate adapter to allow the 450s to use them is on back-order. So I can't test out those batteries.

So, I ask you this: do the DSR-450s have a different power requirement than the D30, D35, and 637 that is prohibiting me from using our existing power supplies? Will the Anton Bauer "bricks" be adequate for use on the 450s?

Or, does it simply sound like an issue with this unit that would warrant a warranty repair from Sony?


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