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30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?

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30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?
on Jul 11, 2006 at 3:46:44 pm

Hello there, I'll try to be as clear as possible on my questions.

I am an editor/Cameraman, I have been working in the industry for few years, I want produce a 30 min tv show.

I have done some research about it,
TRT 30 min
22 min (show)
7 min (Commercials)
30 sec network.

I have the concept of the show layed and most of the pre-production.
I want to use the 7 min to produce commercials, sponsors, etc.
Is there any advice or a right formula to aclomplish this task. ?

I will apresiated any comments or opinons on how too's in this king of proyect.


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tony salgado
Re: 30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?
on Jul 13, 2006 at 6:41:46 am

Your question is too vague to answer properly.

What you need to consider is if their is even a need or want for the genre of the show you are thinking about?

What is the outlet cable, network, public access, your grandma's private movies?

Most networks sell the commercial time so they make money on the ad time.

If you are serious about the project you should consider hiring an experienced producer who know the marketing and producing of tv programming and has a proven track record.

Tony Salgado

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Re: 30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?
on Jul 17, 2006 at 8:01:49 pm

Tony thanks for your post,
Well let me tell you about the show, first the show will be produce from our own pockets.
Will be great to hire a producer no money for that yet

We CAN put some quality material out there, much better than local stuff.

I am a editor/cameraman, we the equipment and I have the technical knowledge about a production but the lack is on the
"How to make money from a show part."

The show it

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glenn chan
Re: 30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?
on Jul 18, 2006 at 3:34:48 am

Here's how independently produced shows in Canada usually work... (second-hand info here)

Financing sources:
Broadcast license - The broadcaster promises to give you money once certain criteria have been met (this is all spelled out in a broadcast letter / contrast). You usually need this to trigger other funding.
Provincial and national tax credits.
Other funding sources that give grants, loans (for interim financing), equity investment. Nearly all are listed in the producer's handbook from the CFTPA.
Private investment, sponsorship
Deferrals - you can defer your actors'/actresses' labour, the producer's labour
Advances - distribution, merchandising advances; you can sometimes get advances on future sales of merchandise, and of other broadcasters picking up your show.
Other - i.e. Broadcaster-donated goods/services - i.e. studio, editing facilities ; be creative

The Canadian television industry is heavily subsidized... without government involvement, very few Canadian TV shows will be produced. On shows with CTF funding, the broadcaster usually contributes 30% of the financing. Compare this to the US, where the broadcaster contributes 100%. In the US, you wouldn't have as much funding agencies+sources to draw on.

In both scenarios, you likely want to pitch the show to a broadcaster and try to get a broadcast license. A lot of people pitch their shows to broadcasters... so that affects your chances. Producers may or may not have some demonstration video (i.e. like a pilot) to show. Usually they just pitch an idea and try to go into development.

Considering you don't have producing experience, it might hurt you. Not having experience, you will need to pair up with another party with producing experience (and that cuts into your pay). You probably aren't going to make much money... although you'd get your first producer credit.

2- To recap:
A sample show might have the broadcaster financing most of the show, with other financing sources rounding that out. The producer's fee is a certain % of the budget... in Canada, it's supposed to be 10%. But the broadcaster may make you defer some of that fee.
Of the producer's fee... if you are producing the show with an experience producer then: you the producer would have to do most of the work, and get about half of the producer's fees.

If you can convince a producer to pitch+produce your show, then they would worry about the financing and all that. In that case, the producer then has to use a production company to crew the show... often a production company would be the producer.

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Re: 30 min Tv Show. Sponsors, advertising, marketing, promos. ?
on Jul 20, 2006 at 2:41:59 am

Hi Glenn, thanks for the detail respond.

Well I'll be very hard the chances of having the network invest in the show.

We have pay for the firt month, the show will air 2x a week, 30 min, in which we have the whole 30min to our use, including for our own commercial use.
In this case I see the commercials spots as the guide for founding the show directly.

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