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Sony PVM-14L5 service menu

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Alan Okey
Sony PVM-14L5 service menu
on May 10, 2006 at 7:11:46 pm

I apologize in advance if this is not the proper forum for these types of questions. If there is a forum that can better address these issues, I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.


I just discovered how to access the service menu of my Sony PVM-14L5 after reading a post in the AJA Kona forum here on the Cow. I was looking for a way to adjust the H-center of the SDI input card, because signals displayed via the SDI input are left of center when compared with signals displayed via the analog inputs.

While looking through the service menus and submenus, I inadvertently entered "Aging Mode," which I was unable to exit. A quick Google search returned this from an electronics forum:

"It's a mode to strip impurities off the cathode of the CRT.
Basically it involves hiking up the EHT and grid voltages, and
applying a peak white signal. Normally only used for a couple of hours at
the factory.

DO NOT USE IT, it will considerably shorten the life of the tube, and expose
you to excessive X-Rays."

Ooops... Apparently I have not only shortened the life of my new monitor, but I have probably given mysef cancer as well. I turned the monitor off after only 5 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to exit Aging Mode, so hopefully I haven't done any real damage to the tube or to myself.

This leads me to several questions:

1. Does anyone know how to manually exit Aging Mode, i.e. a particular button combination to press?

2. Will the monitor eventually come out of Aging Mode by itself if left on?

3. Is anyone aware of any online resources that address service menu settings for Sony PVM-series monitors?

4. Is it possiible for customers (i.e. not technicians) to purchase service manuals for Sony PVM monitors?

5. Is anyone aware if it is possible to adjust image H-center for an SDI input card separately from the analog input H-center? Or to rephrase, does the monitor store H-center settings for each input separately, or does the menu setting affect all inputs simultaneously?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might be able to provide.

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Re: Sony PVM-14L5 service menu
on Oct 31, 2006 at 5:38:24 pm

Did you get a response to this? One of my sons played with my computer and now after the screen saver comes on for a few seconds the screen goes to gray and it says aging mode. Do you know how to change this back to normal? Is this aging mode damaging my computer or monitor or me?


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Re: Sony PVM-14L5 service menu
on Nov 13, 2006 at 11:14:08 am

I had the same thing with a PVM-20L4. The only way I could get out of aging mode was to ground one of the pins on the remote connector on the back.

You can get service manuals in pdf form from

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glen Berdan
Re: Sony PVM-14L5 service menu
on Jun 2, 2010 at 7:48:22 am

unfortunately i encountered this problem...since then i sent it to an authorized service center of sony here in my country and to tell you honestly they reject the unit seems even those qualified technician of sony does not know how to manually exit. it....shame on me..

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pedro english
Re: Sony PVM-14L5 service menu
on Dec 29, 2010 at 6:10:41 am

If youve activated ageing, let it complete.
This is a normal service function, just don't keep activating it, now you know what it is. Used for stabilising/diagnosing greyscale drift.

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