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use FFMPEG to mux and channel mix with DOLBY E tracks?

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Steve Cucolo
use FFMPEG to mux and channel mix with DOLBY E tracks?
on Oct 1, 2012 at 2:09:46 pm

We are looking at FFMPEG as a way to create a with two streams of DOLBY E.
From what I've read, FFMPEG cannot encode DOLBY E, but I'm wondering
if we could use FFMPEG to mux in DOLBY E if the tracks exist as separate WAV files?

I have no experience using FFMPEG, so I'm hoping someone here can offer some guidance
on whether or not this workflow is even possible.

The source files are ProResHQ.MOV with 16 discreet tracks (5.1+2, 5.1+2),
and the target files are XDCAM HD.MXF with 8 tracks (St Full MX, St Mix Minus, DOLBY E, DOLBY E)

Full details below, any help or suggestions would be great, thanks!


Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : QuickTime
Codec ID: qt
Overall bit rate mode: Variable
Writing library: Apple QuickTime

Format: ProRes
Format profile : High
Codec ID: apch
Bit rate mode: Variable
Bit rate: 168 Mbps
Width : 1 888 pixels
Original width: 1 920 pixels
Height : 1 062 pixels
Original height: 1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate mode: Constant
Frame rate: 25.000 fps
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling: 4:2:2
Scan type: Interlaced
Scan order: Top Field First

*16 discrete audio tracks
*Dolby E in sync
*24 bit audio

01 -5.1 Full Mix - Left
02 -5.1 Full Mix - Right
03 -5.1 Full Mix - Center
04 -5.1 Full Mix - LFE
05 -5.1 Full Mix - Left Surround
06 -5.1 Full Mix - Right Surround
07 -Stereo Full Mix - Left
08 -Stereo Full Mix - Right
09 -5.1 Mix Minus - Left
10 -5.1 Mix Minus - Right
11 -5.1 Mix Minus - Center
12 -5.1 Mix Minus - LFE
13 -5.1 Mix Minus - Left Surround
14 -5.1 Mix Minus - Right Surround
15 -Stereo MDE- Left
16 - Stereo MDE- Right


Format : MXF
Format_Commercial_IfAny: XDCAM HD422
Format profile: OP-1a
Format settings: Closed / Complete
Overall bit rate mode: Constant
Format: MPEG Video
Format_Commercial_IfAny: XDCAM HD422
Format version: Version 2
Format profile: 4:2:2@High
Bit rate mode: Constant
Bit rate: 50.0 Mbps
Width : 1888 pixels
Original width: 1920 pixels
Height: 1062 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Frame rate: 25.000 fps
Color space: YUV
Chroma subsampling: 4:2:2
Bit depth: 8 bits
Scan type : Interlaced
Scan order: Top Field First
Compression mode : Lossy

*8 audio tracks
*Dolby E in sync
*20 bit audio

01- Stereo FullMix - Left
02- Stereo FullMix - Right
03- Stereo MDE- Left
04- Stereo MDE- Right
05- DOLBY E Full Mix
06- DOLBY E Full Mix
07- DOLBY E MixMinus
08- DOLBY E MixMinus

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Reuben Martin
Re: use FFMPEG to mux and channel mix with DOLBY E tracks?
on Oct 3, 2012 at 12:28:33 am

Supposedly Dolby-E can be muxed in and treated like a stereo audio track, however I'm not sure if MXF has special metadata tags used to indicate that the audio track is Dolby-E. I doubt FFMpeg supports it. A lot of work has gone into fixing MXF encoding and decoding over the last 6-9 months, but I'm not sure Dolby-E has been part of that. Mostly because Dolby-E encoders are not very commonly available to test with.

You might try asking in the ffmpeg developer list. If you have access to such an encoder as well as another tool to properly mux it into an MXF, I'm pretty sure they would love to get their hands on some samples they could play with.

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