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Problems Encoding SD Video For Blu-Ray Release

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Tim Sutton
Problems Encoding SD Video For Blu-Ray Release
on Nov 17, 2014 at 11:21:25 pm
Last Edited By Tim Sutton on Nov 18, 2014 at 12:04:01 am

Hello all,

I'm currently preparing a Blu-Ray disc for an independent release of a webseries (using DoStudio Indie if that's at all relevant). I am fortunate enough to still have access to all of the original project files for every episode (all five years' worth) and so I can encode straight from the original projects, which is a plus. Now, on to the problem at hand.

Our first two seasons were shot at 720*480, 29.97 fps interlaced, through a fairly decent consumer handycam. For our DVD release I was able to render all these files out to 29.97p and everything looked great. Unfortunately, Blu-Ray doesn't support progressive video at 29.97 fps, which is the cause of the current pickle I'm in. If I try to render them at their native resolution, they look awful, interlacing artifacts everywhere. If I render the video at 1440*1080, there are no interlacing artifacts but the video appears to run at 60 fps which also looks terrible (it's got horribly smooth motion, but according to MediaInfo it's still running at 29.97 fps).

What would be a good solution to this?

As per the rules:

Computer: PC (built myself, more detailed specs if necessary)
OS: Windows 8.1
Software: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, Sony DoStudio Indie
Source codec: MPEG, 720*480 @ 29.97i, Main@Main, 9 Mbps
Destination codec: AVC/x264, for Blu-Ray replication
Type of destination use

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Mark Spano
Re: Problems Encoding SD Video For Blu-Ray Release
on Nov 20, 2014 at 11:53:23 pm

From reading your description, it sounds like you don't like what the original source looks like (29.97i). You deinterlaced it for the DVD release, and you like this look. Now you're going back to the original interlaced source you hate and trying to encode it to Blu-ray. Why not use the source you used for the DVD? If you like that deinterlaced 29.97 look, just use those files for the Blu-ray. Blu-ray can take 720x480, 29.97i. So you should be able to feed your authoring software your files. If it balks and the complaint is that they are progressive, I would just bring them into Compressor, tell it you want 29.97i, and let it crunch. Compressor will take your frames and duplicate them into fields, preserving your deinterlaced look while interlacing the files. Those will work for your Blu-ray.

If you feel the need to up-res the source files (doesn't really make sense since there's no more resolution to be had), you can use Compressor in the same way, just change the output size to 1080.

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