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Compressor- interlaced motion looks strobey

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Matt Walker
Compressor- interlaced motion looks strobey
on Sep 16, 2011 at 2:51:54 am

I'm capturing SD shows using apple pro-res 422. Im capturing from DVCam, how the material was shot. I do my edits, then export uncompressed, self-contained files.
Then I drop them into Compressor. I'm using a custom .mov setting with H264 codec. But when I send the files where they are going, I keep hearing that there's a flickery/strobey look to quick hand movements. (the files are meant for NTSC broadcast, so I'm supposing they should remain interlaced with proper field dominance. I activate frame controls and set field dominance to 'same as source' I was told the look is improved, but the motion is still questionable. I don't see it on my end, since I'm doing it all with the computer monitor, sans NTSC video monitor.
Any ideas?

Also, when I turn on frame control, I change field dominance from progressive to same as source. I notice when I turn frame control back off, the Grayed-out field dominance still shows 'same as source', where I set it. Does this mean it will encode 'same as source', or does it really revert to the default 'progressive' when frame controls are left off, and I do the encode? Or do I definitely need to leave frame controls 'on'?

Clear as mud? Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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Ken Mitchell
Re: Compressor- interlaced motion looks strobey
on Nov 25, 2011 at 11:22:40 pm

The flickery strobey motion is probably a field reversal/interlacing issue. How are you capturing your video. It sounds like at one time you have gone from 480 to 486 and/or back again. This will cause that effect. What is your timeline sequence in final cut? Make sure you sequence in final cut is the same as your capture.

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