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HD to DVD/Compression issues

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Joseph Provenzano
HD to DVD/Compression issues
on Aug 18, 2010 at 5:06:34 pm


I've edited an 87 minute movie (shot in 1080p) in FCP 7. I've tried dozens of times to get the finished product onto a DVD (using DVDSP) but always end up with compression artifacting. The movie looks (generally) pretty good, but there is random artifacting here and there, and always in a few specific spots. The source footage for these spots looks fine, and there is no motion or crazy effects in any of them (just talking heads).

I usually just export directly to Compressor, then to DVDSP, but have also tried making Quicktime movies, then compressing. In all I've tried many suggestions, but the results are always the same.

Stranger still is the fact that no matter how I compress the movie, the artifacting is always there! The one exception is when I make a Quicktime movie using Current Settings; that looks great. Other than that, the artifacting is there...

I'd appreciate any and all tips, and I am happy to provide more detailed information if needed.

Thanks so much!

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Chris Blair
Re: HD to DVD/Compression issues
on Aug 19, 2010 at 12:54:41 am

Yup..we need more info. We need to know what your settings are when you compress to your MPEG2 file for the DVD. Also...I know a lot of DVD authoring programs will recompress an MPEG2 file if it doesn't meet all the DVD specs when it's loaded into the authoring program. I don't use DVD Studio Pro so don't know if it does it but every single Windows based authoring progam will (I've used dozens) worth checking to make sure you're not compressing twice to MPEG2.

Are you keeping everything progressive throughout? Is the source footage 24P and if so are you keeping it 24P throughout with no pull-down anywhere (DVD players will typically add pulldown if it's needed).

But we need to know your data rate settings in your MPEG file, field order or progressive scan, any filters getting applied etc.

Others on the list can address your DVDSP specific questions.

Chris Blair
Magnetic Image, Inc.
Evansville, IN
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