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Compressor - IVTC questions

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Lyle Veloso
Compressor - IVTC questions
on Mar 22, 2010 at 11:58:00 am

I posted the below in 'Apple Final Cut Pro Basics' but I was directed here as it might be better....


New forum member here and about 4-5 weeks into Final Cut Pro.

First of all, I'm a Video DJ and my interest is to edit music videos sourced from DVD's to a MP4 format.

I'm having a couple of problems which involve music video footage which have mixed telecine/progressive footage and also problems related to Compressor.

First of all what I have been doing to determine if footage is telecined is loading up the m2v file (which is demuxed from the ripped vob file from the dvd) into FCP the previewing the footage frame by frame.

My understanding is that on footage with a 29.97fps that if I scan the frames, and I get what looks like a 'duplicate' every 5th frame, then I should IVTC the file. The 'duplicate' frame looks like its made up of the field before and after.

When I see this, i would then load up the m2v file in Compressor, export to a Quicktime Movie file, Uncompressed 10bit, m2v file, then select 'Reverse Telecine' under the 'Frame Controls' tab.

This results in a large m2v file which when previewed in FCP now has progressive frames, but every now and then I have interlaced frames.

When I try to use the 'Deinterlace' option under the 'Filters' of Compressor section I can see the result immediately in the Compressor preview. It takes out the interlacing but the video is now very pixelated and 'digital' looking.

When I try and use the deinterlace option under the 'Frame Controls' tab of Compressor and use either 'Better' or 'Best', firstly I dont see the results in the preview window so i have to test with a 10 sec video sample and secondly so far this option has not really worked for me.

So my immediate questions so far are:

1) Is my IVTC method putting the video file through a generation loss?

2) Is this the ideal way to IVTC (ie using Compressor and the settings im using)?

3) Should I be deinterlacing at a different step? I cant work out why the video appears pixelated. I've tried using Odd, Even, Blur and the Sharp options. The Blur option seems to get rid of the interlacing, but the image looks more soft and blurred and from what I understand this really ruins the quality of the video.

4) When I encounter footage with what appears to have mixed telecine/progressive footage - what can i use to IVTC this properly? On another forum a member (using a 10sec sample that I supplied) seemed to successfully IVTC the footage using Avisynth on Windows. Im hoping I can stick to a Mac program to do this.

Ive probably got a few more questions but I think this is already too much! Sorry for the long post - i've been trying to get my head around all this for the last few weeks!

Thanks for any replies!

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