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Inverse telecine / 24P / AVCHD / General Encoding

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John Frank
Inverse telecine / 24P / AVCHD / General Encoding
on Aug 4, 2009 at 4:49:45 pm

Err, I have a lot of questions and I didn't know where to post them but this seems to be the best forum...

First off I'm planning on getting an AVCHD camcorder (maybe a Canon), and from what I heard they record at 24p/60i (or something) and that I have to perform inverse telecine to get progressive 24p to edit with. I'm wondering how I would go about doing this, what program would I use to get the best results? I had thought it was already 24P at first and I could just drop the footage in.

Right now I only have Vegas and Megui for encoding (Although I get good results with Megui I have to encode the audio and video files separately then mux them together) I only ever used Megui for game footage I recorded on the computer with Fraps and stuff, but the quality I get from it beats what I can get out of Vegas with H264. But I'm not sure if it'd be appropriate for real HD film, so I'm wondering if there are any better encoders out there that can encode AVC/AAC h264 / mpeg2.

So correct me if I'm wrong here's what I'm thinking the work flow will be like with a camera:

Record 24p/60i -->
Import footage onto computer -->
Inverse Telecine footage with a program and create a new lossless 24p file -->
Import that file into Sony Vegas to edit with -->
Export to H264.mp4/mov for Web/Blue Ray distribution.

I was reading a review on the camera I'm thinking of getting and it also has a 30P/60i mode, would I still have to inverse telecine with that?

And here's my last question:

My camcorder will be HD, so I'm not sure if it can record in SD too but I'm sure I could always just reize it to 720 × 480 right? so..

How would I go about editing/encoding footage for broadcasting on local/normal TV stations if the camera records at 24p/60i and 30p/60i?

Would I just have to skip the inverse telecine process and drop the AVCHD files directly into Vegas to edit with, then encode to mpeg2?

Sorry if anything I mentioned is incorrect in anyway, this stuff is pretty confusing lol

Oh, and I'm on Windows Vista 64bit, Vegas 9 (just saw the above sticky :S)

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Daniel Low
Re: Inverse telecine / 24P / AVCHD / General Encoding
on Aug 4, 2009 at 9:17:03 pm

I know your stuck on Windows with Vegas, and I can't really help you with that directly but the first two links are fantastic resources even if you never go near FCP

Otherwise, try the Sony Vegas forum here:

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