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Compression-FLV workflow

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Michelle Ngo
Compression-FLV workflow
on Jun 19, 2009 at 8:53:17 pm

I am on a unique job where we are trying to figure out our workflow for web video live and on-demand production. Basically, we will be streaming live video during the day and then we would then like to post that video that just went live and have it available in our on-demand archives. For our on-demand, we will have to have 3 different flv files at 3 different bitrates since we have no idea what our audience's individual computer/internet can handle.

Because we are doing a high volume of video for this job over the course of two weeks, I am trying to streamline our workflow so that my editors don't have to deal with long hours of babysitting a computer while it is encoding. Because we have to go from injesting DV footage, then exporting QT, and compressor to make it a H.264 file since Media Encoder cannot read FCP QT files, and then into media encoder to make it to flv. That is a lot of steps to be taking. We also have lots of other things to edit aside from the live material.

We ourselves are sending out the video live on line, so permission is not an issue and we are not ripping off things off of big network websites at all. You see, the video is encoding as it is going out and I found a way to record the flv video and maintain it in flv format. However, we would just like to trim the heads and tails for the on-demand version as well create two other flv versions with a different bit rate.

For some reason, when I open the flv file that we recorded, media encoder does not see anything. I took that same test flv file and put it in three different media players/compression software. The flv opens in media streamclip, Adobe Media Player, and Sorensen Squeeze, so I don't understand why you don't see anything when it is in Media Encoder.

I was even able to trim and re-compress the recorded flv to a lower bitrate flv file. I don't really want to use Sorensen because I tested versus Media Encoder and it is really slow compared to Media Encoder. Can someone help me? Just figuring out the fastest and most efficient workflow for this 2-week event.

Thanks in advance.


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Craig Seeman
Re: Compression-FLV workflow
on Jun 25, 2009 at 11:50:04 pm

Nearly a week and no one has responded to this. It's probably because your workflow isn't well explained at all. I apologize if I'm a bit harsh but you're all over the place in your explanation.

Media Encoder - Adobe Flash Media Encoder on Windows? Something else? If you can't use the name of the product than we can't help you.

Why the heck would editors have to babysit encodes?

Where does FCP play a role in streaming?

Feed source into real time encoding/streaming software (DV from tape or even live camera or whatever) and have it send multiple streams live to your server/Content Distribution Network and record to hard disk in an editable codec simultaneously if you need it edited.

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Michelle Ngo
Re: Compression-FLV workflow
on Jun 26, 2009 at 12:29:31 am

Sorry Craig, I'll be more specific.

We are doing a mix of live and on-demand web video cast for two weeks. There are going to be 5 different cameras that are hooked via firewire to a mini-Mac which will feed out to our webcast provider via ethernet at a time. Simultaneously, we will also record the media. This is all a tapeless workflow we are doing.

Here are the six cameras with the medium the footage will be stored before transfer to the drives:

3 - Panasonic HVX-200 (p2 cards)
1 - Panasonic AG-HPX300 (p2 cards)
1 - JVC GY-HM700 (SDHC memory cards)
1 - Sony HVR-z5u

So for me it is already a workflow nightmare with all the different media formats. I didn't chose them, the producer who hired the shooters and then passes the info down to me. Plus, I think feeding out in HD is out of the question for sure even though that is what the guy upstairs want.

So while much of it is going live, things have to go on-demand in a quick turnaround. Also there will be a lot of quick news style cutting for daily wrap-ups. Oh did I mention, I have to also put lower thirds on a lot of this video?

Also, I'm thinking realistically my computer just can't churn out as much media as the guy upstairs is hoping to churn out...he's talking about 8-10 hours of footage everyday...yikes!

I hope that clarifies some things.

By the way, I've met you before at some of the Mopictive meetings. Mike Vitti speaks highly of you...may he rest in peace.

I have been testing out Sorensen Squeeze 5 and Adobe Media Encoder on a Mac to figure out which is the fastest at the acceptable quality from the big boss upstairs. I know that Sorensen allows to trim heads and tails and adds fades in & out, so that will help get the pre-recorded flv files out the door faster, but when I put QT in Adobe Media Encoder on the Mac it is significantly faster than when I put that same QT through Sorensen Squeeze.

We are churning out a lot of video everyday for two weeks.

As for the editors babysitting, it more like waiting around for files to finish to post after done...they are more assistant editors if anything.

There seems to be a lot of toys, but at the end of the day if I can't deliver on time, that would suck.

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Michelle Ngo
Re: Compression-FLV workflow
on Jun 26, 2009 at 12:36:23 am

One more thing...this is my machine:

Mac 2x3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Memory: 8 GB
Running: Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Leopard)

Versions of software:
Sorensen Squeeze 5
Adobe Media Encoder from CS4

Media going in:

Some flv files, other mainly QT files that were directly exported out of projects cut (most likely DVCPro)

Desired out: 2 kinds of .flv files (300K, 500K) ... I think I've got to put my foot down and say this is incredibly impossible machine power and time wise. Plus I don't think our web developers are going to finish this option in the media hub they are creating.

Destination: stored for archive on a G-raid Hard Drive, but also posted on an ftp site.

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