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Apple Compressor 2 is making me angry

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Jerry Villa
Apple Compressor 2 is making me angry
on Jun 22, 2008 at 11:49:13 pm

I have a new macbook pro 15in laptop with 4gb of memory. I'm trying convert a video I edited with Final Cut Pro 5 that is about 6mins and 30secs. The video is in 1920x1080 HDTV 1080i (16x9) Aspect Ratio, 29.97 Timebase, using Apple Intermediate Codec Compressor. When I export into default Quicktime current settings I get a file 3.6GB file finished in about 15-20mins (maybe even less). Then I bring that into Compressor 2 and export with these settings:
Name: Vimeo HD
Description: 5Mbs 44.1kHz
File Extension: mov
Estimated file size: 242.33 MB
Audio Encoder
AAC, Stereo (L R), 44.100 kHz
Video Encoder
Format: QT
Width: 1280
Height: 720
Pixel aspect ratio: square
Crop: None
Frame rate: 29.97
Frame Controls:
Retiming: Motion Compensated
Resize Filter: Linear Filter
Deinterlace Filter: Motion Adaptive
Adaptive Details: On
Antialias: 0
Detail Level: 0
Field Output: Progressive
Codec Type: H.264
Multi-pass: On, frame reorder: On
Pixel depth: 24
Spatial quality: 75
Min. Spatial quality: 25
Key frame interval: 30
Temporal quality: 50
Min. temporal quality: 25
Average data rate: 5.12 (Mbps)

I'm sitting here waiting for it to process the file in Batch Monitor. The file so far created is only 4KB and this is after 3hrs and 47mins. Its only completed 15mins and the Time Remaining says: 15hrs and 15mins. I actually think its going up. What the heck is going on here. I've completed other files with the same settings and even sent it directly from FCP to Compressor and still it says it takes this long. The video is only 6mins why so long. This is a horrible production flow if this is normal. Let me know what you guys think. Is this normal processing time? What are my options. Will a 3rd party application improve things? It seems like Compressor is hung up on something else but it hasn't crashed.

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Daniel Low
Re: Apple Compressor 2 is making me angry
on Jun 23, 2008 at 7:39:41 am

Join the club. I stopped using compressor a few years ago because of issues like this. Upgrading didn't improve matters either.

You're best off investing in Telestream Episode.

Please post back saying what solved your problem. It could help others, and saying 'thanks' is free!

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Chris Babbitt
Re: Apple Compressor 2 is making me angry
on Jun 24, 2008 at 3:08:39 pm

There was a bug in version 2.0 when using 2-pass variable which resulted in extraordinarily long encoding times as well as quality issues. In my case, I was working in DV) For a program of that length, there is no benefit in using 2-pass variable. Try using 1-pass fixed at a bit rate of 7-7.5. You should get a better looking product in a reasonable amount of time.

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