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help, compressor,estimated time remaining,

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chris gorman
help, compressor,estimated time remaining,
on Jun 8, 2008 at 2:34:16 am

I think compressor can underestimated time remaining, but does it overestimate? If this is really gonna take 42 hours, I have to bail now and re-do settings before wasting more time. HELP : O

Compressor 3.0.3, G5 2.3 dual, 3.5 GB ram. Final Cut Pro v.6 project is 68 mins. 8 bit ProRes, compressing for std. def. DVD.

I exported a self-contained QT from fcp, same settings as my rendered 8 bit prores sequence.

Because it's dance concert footage, lots of movement, I carefully chose some custom settings in Compressor 3.0.3.

after 55 mins. have elapsed, it's telling me 42.48 hrs. remaining, with 21 hours remaining for the dolby 2.0 audio which is now processing.

the only thing I customized for the dolby 2.0 audio was that i set the data rate to 224 kbps instead of the default 192 kbps.

video settings = 2 pass best 6 - 8 Mbps High Quality, frame controls "On" with resize filter parameter set to "best" instead of the default "better". (maybe that was a mistake).

For some reason the inspector Summary shows closed GOP, even though I have the Open GoP button highlighted in the settings.

Even though it's a std. def DVD, I wanted it to look good in case someone plays it on an hd tv.

Original footage was hdv 60i, 1440 x 1080, captured, edited, rendered in 8 bit prores.

I guess I could live with 20 hours of compression time, but not double that. My first trial burn of this same project used Apple's default setting for std def DVD 90 mins, with dolby 2.0 audio, and that took about 20 hours.

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chris gorman
Re: help, compressor,estimated time remaining,
on Jun 8, 2008 at 5:44:10 am

I'm responding to my own post here as a follow up. I bailed from the 40+ estimated hours compression and re-did the custom settings.

With the revised settings, looks like it's only going to take a few hours. I turned frame controls off, and changed the dolby 2.0 to 192kbps.

I'll see what happens . . . hard to believe only a few hours. The same footage took 20+ hours last week, when I compressed it using Apple's default settings for 90 min. sd dvd with dolby 2.0.

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