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Tiffany Shanel
on May 24, 2008 at 3:23:17 am

I need help/suggestions figuring out why the sound from my music video is getting xtra compressed when I upload it onto YouTUBE. I have uploaded many movies onto YouTUBE and I understand quality is sacrificed by YouTUBE’s compression, but this is the first time the sound quality is jacked. I have uploaded the same file onto YouTUBE and IMEEM. IMEEM is perfect, but the YouTUBE version is not.

I edited this project on FCS 1. We shot in HD using a Panasonic HVX 200 Camera. The sequence settings are:
Frame size/Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1280x1080 16:9
Editing Timebase: 23.98
Quicktime Video Compressor: DVCPRO HD 1080!60

Audio Settings: 48kHZ
Depth 16-bit
Config: Default

Render in 8-bit YUV

I have exported this video umpth-tenth times using quicktime conversion (using many different formats and compressions settings, but nothing is working, not even H.264, the best so far was DV-PAL, go figure) I usually always use the ipod format, but that does not work for YouTUBE with this video.

On the sound settings of my current quicktime conversion exports, I used:
Format: Linear PCM
Channels: Stereo (LR)
Rate: 48 kHz
Render settings, best.
Linear PCM settings, sample size =16bits
And Little Endian is checked.(this time)

WHAT ELSE CAN I TRY??????, its very frustrating when footage from a small digital camera has better image and sound quality than an HD, high quality compressed video.
Below are links to both videos, via IMEEM and YouTUBE (the same file).so you can hear and see for yourself. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
WTW test -

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Tiffany Shanel
Re: FCP to YouTUBE
on May 24, 2008 at 7:15:13 am

oopsie, had to delete the imeem version, even without the comparison of both videos, all feedback, statements of the obvious, is welcome...

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Daniel Low
Re: FCP to YouTUBE
on May 25, 2008 at 12:56:14 pm

I'm not sure what the problem with the sound is as I cant compare it with the imeem version, but if your source video is 16:9, why is the YouTube version 4:3 and as a result, somewhat 'squashed'?

Please post back saying what solved your problem. It could help others, and saying 'thanks' is free!

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