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Upconverting SH to HD

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Upconverting SH to HD
on Sep 20, 2007 at 12:12:59 am

So I'm cutting a film with 50% HDV 1440x1080/24p and 50% SD (PAL and NTSC). I'm working on creating a presentation for acquisitions that can be shown in HD projection or HD-DVD.

I can't afford to up-convert right now with Terranex. I am looking for a way to up-convert SD to HD in Apple Compressor. I love the de-interlace quality of Compressor, and now I need help to get the best up-convert Compressor can handle.

I searched online for any discussion about Adaptive Details in Compressor, like Anti-Alias and Details Control; this "seems" to be the first post on the subject.

I have been experimenting and making tests. I thought I'd post my up-conversion technique in hope that others can comment on and contribute their workflow.

I'm using Compressor v3.0.1

For 4:3 DV clips:
1) Scale DV clips in FCP timeline set to "ProRes (HQ) 1440x1080 50i." I scale in the "Motion Tab" for both Pillarbox and Widescreen (depending on the shot).

2) Export from FCP timeline to Compressor (I heard unrendered yields better results).

3) In Compressor I set my compression settings to "ProRes 422 (HQ)" and check the box called, "Enable 4:4:4: chroma filtering." I leave Frame rate set to "Current" for PAL clips and "23.976" of NTSC clips.
(I'm not really sure what the "Enable 4:4:4: chroma filtering" does to the clip. Do I really need it?)

4) Sound settings I leave as "Apple Lossless."

5) In Frame Controls I set Resize Filter to "Best"; Output Fields to "Progressive"; De-interlace to "Better"; Rate Conversion to "Better"

6) In Geometry I set my frame size to "1440x1080" and Pixel Aspect to "Default." I suppose you could leave the frame size to "100% of source."

7) As for "Adaptive Details" I have the boxed checked but I leave Anti-Alias and Details Level set to zero because I don't know what to do with those.

From pages 258 -259 in Compressor User Manual:

- Adaptive Details: Select this checkbox to use advanced image analysis to distinguish
between noise and edge areas.

- Anti-alias: Use this slider to set a softness level from 0 to 100. This parameter
improves the quality of conversions when you

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Re: Upconverting SH to HD
on Sep 26, 2007 at 3:38:17 am

You should not be upconverting durring compression. That will probably result in a major loss of quality.

Instead, so it before you compress. you might want to take a look at RedGiant Software's instant HD which can up-res footage in your NLE. It costs $99 which may be within your budget.

Aharon Rabinowitz

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