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Compression app suggestions

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Rich Rubasch
Compression app suggestions
on Mar 16, 2007 at 11:14:06 pm

Ok, this one is for the veterans out there. I think most encoding software is pretty rudimentary if you ask me. Here are a couple things I would like to see.

Clip analyzer - Especially for MPEG-2. A faster than realtime analyzer that runs through the clip and shows a graph of the bitrates, gives average, peak, low etc. Also can measure audio and video separately. This should work for many codecs.

A muxer should be part of every encoder.

An encoder should allow for every legal frame size for a given codec...compressor can't do odd size MPEG-1 but cleaner and the rest can.

Video and audio settings on the same settings pallette. I don't know why I have to specify a different audio setting in compresor. I like the cleaner model of tabs with every available option as part of the preset. Not a separate preset for your audio and one for video. I actually prefer the FCP A/V settings window with video on the top and audio on the bottom...similar to AE's output module setting window. Uncheck audio if you don't want it etc. This is an interface I can understand and work with.

I always like the left right frame shot with a slider to wipe between before and after frames. As you adjust various settings you would see the right side adjust.

Somehow build in a realtime encoding option via firewire for certain codecs that really want a two-pass...on the first pass it also uploads the clip while it analyzes and makes keyframes for tough areas. The second pass would read off the disc the cached file and do the encode.

If MPEG-Streamclip can do a pretty good job with their transcoder (it has a muxer too) for free, then imagine what the sorenson or Discreet guys could do with some money.

What else would you guys like to see in your encoding software.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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Craig Seeman
Re: Compression app suggestions
on Mar 17, 2007 at 1:27:29 am

[Rich Rubasch] "I always like the left right frame shot with a slider to wipe between before and after frames. As you adjust various settings you would see the right side adjust."

While this is common with processing filters, I'd like to see this with codec/profile settings. Is that what you mean? I'd like to jog through a few frames of a "challenging" section and know what I'm looking at takes into account where things are in a GOP structure and what those frames would look like at a given point in a 2 Pass encode. This might work like a RAM buffer preview.

Being able to embed the time code track where the codec supports it and/or using such to do "Viz code" encodes is something else that would be good.

How about something that actually measures video noise.

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Re: Compression app suggestions
on Mar 20, 2007 at 2:10:33 pm

discreet could have built this and didn't and are not going to.
Microsoft could have built this and haven't and are very unlikely to.
Digital rapids can.
Anystream can and should.
Apple can and should, but probably won't.
Telestream can and should

Rhozet are in the best position to pull it off, they need jolly good a UI designer though - and I just so happen to know a really good one...

Too many of us grew up with Media Cleaner Pro and miss it.

For me, to be the best encoding application, I want:

MPEG-2 quality from Pro/carboncoder
Sub-pixel motion adaptive deinterlacing (auto-detects film and video source)
Motion adaptive noise reduction
Advanced keyframe-able colour correction
Quality watermarking options
Dynamic previews like cleanerXL but done properly
3GP encoding quality from Nextreaming/Xenon - whatever they are called today
The visual cropping window from Cleaner for mac

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