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Cleaner XL (PC) vs. Cleaner 6 (Mac)

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Mike Horn
Cleaner XL (PC) vs. Cleaner 6 (Mac)
on Jan 28, 2007 at 10:52:12 am

I just got the latest version of Cleaner XL for PC. I've been using Cleaner 6.0.1 on my Mac at work for years. I encoded a clip on the pc with the same settings I always use when encoding on the mac, and noticed the clip looked much worse than the mac encoded version. The image resolution/quality wasn't as good, and it was a larger file size. The mac is much better at deinterlacing (very smooth lines) where I get jaggies w/pc. What's also strange is that the pc (amd64 2.0ghz) seems like it's encoding too fast (almost realtime), compared to the mac (core duo 2ghz) which takes about 2-3 times longer.

Anyone else notice the difference between these two cleaner versions?

Some of the settings are labeled differently between platforms, but are otherwise the same. Here's what I use for a :30 clip:

codec: Sorenson 3
bit depth: millions
spatial: 50
frame rate: 30
keyframe: 300
video data rate: (basic) 1400 kbits
image size: 400x300
deinterlace: eliminate top field (adaptive)
sharpen: 1.5
adaptive noise reduce: mild

Audio: mpeg-4, 32kHz, 112 kbits best

Mac encoded clip= 5.5mb
PC encoded clip= 10.1mb

I also have squeeze on my PC but found it's Quicktime encoding to be much worse than any version of cleaner. Same for Compressor. Like Cleaner XL, both Squeeze and Compressor encode too fast, as though they could do a better job w/quality and smaller file-size if they just spent longer encoding.

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Re: Cleaner XL (PC) vs. Cleaner 6 (Mac)
on Jan 28, 2007 at 2:57:04 pm

This has got to be a first "it's compressing too fast!". :-)
With your Mac Cleaner 6, do you have Sorenson's SV3Pro? If you have
Sorenson 3 Pro on your Mac, but didn't spring for it for your PC
version, you'll see all the things you've mentioned. With Sorenson,
you've got to have the pro version to get the quality.

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Mike Horn
Re: Cleaner XL (PC) vs. Cleaner 6 (Mac)
on Jan 29, 2007 at 6:51:46 am

Thanks for replying Ed, I don't have SV3pro on the Mac, but I do have it on the PC as I also have Squeeze installed. However, the pro part doesn't seem to be activated in Cleaner XL. I tried encoding with the same settings in Squeeze on the PC w/Pro options enabled, namely 2-pass VBR. The image quality and file size is more comparable to the Mac, but like Cleaner XL, it still fails with the deinterlacing. Fine lines, especially text and other rounded graphics, come out with jagged edges, while the Mac is able to render them smooth/anti-aliased. Squeeze also encodes very quickly (almost realtime). Overall, I'd say I'm being picky with the differences... it's not as noticeable when comparing people and faces, but noticeable on objects with very defined edges.

For now I'm going to stick with the Mac Cleaner 6.0.1 (no SV3pro). It's able to pack finer detail and smoother de-interlacing into a smaller file size, even though it takes 3x longer to encode.

I'm now curious how Cleaner 1.5 on Mac compares to 6.0.1 and to it's XL counterpart on PC in regards to SV3 encoding.

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Re: Cleaner XL (PC) vs. Cleaner 6 (Mac)
on Feb 1, 2007 at 10:24:28 pm

Our old versions of Cleaner 6 kept crashing at the end of every QT source file. Most bothersome.

Urge you to upgrade to Cleaner 6.5 for the Macintosh. Comes with lots of new stuff for all the newest wastes of bandwidth:

Divx for mobiles and high def
Flix FLV and SWF
Kinoma for a boatload of devices including phones and PSP
Real (really!)
Windows Media
and iPod


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