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MPEG2 from FCP Pro using compresor crash DVD Studio Pro

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MPEG2 from FCP Pro using compresor crash DVD Studio Pro
on Nov 18, 2006 at 2:55:58 am

I am trying to understand compression and the problem I experience.

I am using FCP 4.5 HD and DVD Studio pro 1.5.2.

I compiled a FCP Project recording a group's dance performance (58 minutes long) as follows:

1. Imported clips using the DV Pal 5:4 standard settings in FCP.
2. Footage where shot using a Panasonic DVX100 camera.
3. Only simply transition where used i.e. fading from one camera angle to another, zooming up to 180% and realigning camera shot adjusting the offset position of the footage on screen.
4. On audio side I compressed peaks and normalised all audio tracks using ProTools as the orginal music provided where recorded at a very high level. used aiff format for output and pulled that into my FCP project. Then applied the Reverbation effect to get a more
5. Once finsihed I pulled all the sequences in the on sequence for final adjustment. Adjustments included: resizing to fit tv safe areas and applying Gama corection filter.

Up to this point everything where fine, rendered and it seemed to just be a question of writing the MPEG file and putting the project together in DVD Studio. Then the fun started.

A. I exported using compressor with various settings. I tried the standard 120 HQ and 90 HQ options. After 5 hours of rendering I ended up with files between 1.4 GB and 1.8 GB.
B. Then pulled it into DVd Studio Pro. Adding links an two play butons, one for video and next for slideshow (qt movie file)
C. Trying to build disk DVD Studio Pro crashed all the time.
D. OK back to square one, used different option to compress, same result.
E. The I used the export using QuickTime MPEG2 option. That created a 2.6 GB file and build disk pass.

What I do not understand.

1. Most people on these forums recommend not using the quicktime compressor. What is the quality difference between that and using compressor?
2. Why does compressor files crash. Everything is rendered and works fine in all other ways.

Am I doing something wrong. Or could it be the system. I have gone down the track to reinstall all software and am running QT 7.1.13.

various compressor
Not many transitions

Hennie de Villiers

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