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Adding URL to movie for viral e-mail - URGENT help please!

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Adding URL to movie for viral e-mail - URGENT help please!
on Aug 18, 2005 at 9:23:36 am

I need some urgent help from the experts...

A client wants to send out a 'viral' promo/ad which somehow opens a web site, either by clicking on the last frame or automatically.

I know it can be done with Quicktime files in Cleaner 6 using Eventstream, but my client would like to use MPEG1 (99.9% sure it can't be done) or WMV as they believe more people will be able to play the clip than if we used QT.

Can this be done in WMV? I am encoding on a Mac and have access to Cleaner 6, Squeeze 4.1, Compressor 2 and Compression Maser 3.11 but am willing to purchase another tool as my client will want to do this in the future.

If there is no way to do it on a Mac how about a PC? Or could this be done by using Flash video?

Any help or advise would be very well recieved, as my client needs an answer really urgently (don't they always).

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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Re: Adding URL to movie for viral e-mail - URGENT help please!
on Aug 19, 2005 at 3:13:04 am


Am not too sure myself, but you can check out these two companies, as they both make QuickTime Export components that export to WMV; take a read through their doco and see if there is Eventstream-esque functionality.

Popwire - WMV-9 Export Component - USD 29.95

Flip4Mac - WMV Studio - USD 99.00

Both of these components will allow you to encode from Cleaner 6, so your workflow shouldn't really have to change much. And they all come with a good set of presets to make setup pretty fast. We did some extensive testing a couple of months back on both of these tools, and both of them are good.

I personally think the Popwire tool is better, as it encodes a lot faster and it is cheaper. But we ended up purchasing Flip4Mac, because it is the only one with which you can encode from Apple Compressor 2 -- don't ask me why you can export from QuickTime, but not Compressor!!! -- so Flip4Mac was much better suited to our workflow.

Now theoretically, since Eventstream is Cleaner's way of making media interactive, it may be able to work on WMV, but you will only work this out through experimenting. And I said theoretically. Remember that QuickTime is the bees knees, and WMV is not as nice playing with others!

But I know for a fact that WMVs can contain clickable links, so there has got to be a tool out there for you, somewhere...

Best of luck and I hope this helps.


Peter Dominic Ryan - Freelance Editor
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